Clearing Auction for Beltane Farms

Auction in 40605 Londesboro Road, Londesborough Ontario, Canada

22 Saturday
June 22nd, 2019 10:00 AM
Jacob Auctions
Phone: 519-348-9896

Clearing Auction for Beltane Farms

Auction in 40605 Londesboro Road, Londesborough Ontario, Canada

Saturday at - 22nd June , 2019


For information phone Bruce at 519-525-6460. For pictures see Lunch Booth by Londsborough Lions Club. Terms: Cash or cheque with ID. No plastic cards, no buyer premium. Auctioneers and Proprietors not responsible for deletions or accidents day of sale.

Prop: Beltane Farms, Bruce and Harriet Shillinglaw 519-525-6460

Auctioneers: David and Doug Jacob 519-348-9896



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Auction Items For Sale

Tractors: JD 2750 2WD w/cab, dual remotes, and Frey loader (7253hrs, sells with material bucket and stone fork); AC 7580 4WD, articulating, duals, cab, triple remotes, quick hitch (1348hrs on new Cummins 8.3L eng); AC 7020 2WD, powershift, cab, 4 remotes, quick hitch, 18.4x38 duals (2507hrs on new eng); Ford 5000 2WD, diesel, M&W Turbo, orbital hydro steering, loader w/6ft material bucket and forks

Combine: Gleaner R62 4WD w/straw spreader and chopper (1924 sep. hrs/2900 eng. hrs); Agco 500 25ft flexhead w/Crary fan and AWS tube; Deutz Allis 320 20ft flexhead w/Crary air reel and hyd. power pack; Deutz Allis 300 20ft flexhead w/Crary air reel; Gleaner N Series pickup head; late model 25ft header cart

Implements: Zor DP50 3pth tile plow w/complete laser system; CIH 5400 drill w/CIH 5000 no-till coulter cart, 15ft, 24R, liquid fertilizer; Best 15ft no-till drill w/finger harrows; AC 2000 semi-mt 6+1F plow, 18in hyd. reset; AC 1300 32ft cultivator w/buster bar; White 20ft disc; 20ft folding smooth drum packer w/28in drums; Walinga 614 6in grain vac; Blumhardt 250gal 3pth sprayer w/67ft hyd. fold boom and rinse tank; 32ft pony harrows; Luke’s 400bu grain buggy; several smaller gravity bins; single axle side dump trailer w/gas powered hyd. unit; Seaforth 60in 3pth finishing mower; 6ft mott mower; 3pth pto buzz saw; 3pth hyd. drive cement mixer; 3-Allied augers up to 51ft; 6R anhydrous injector; 3pth tank frame

Trucks, Trailers and Joe Dog: 1999 Dodge Dakota SLT, ext. cab, 4x4, V8 (98,232km); 1970 IH Fleetstar 2000 w/rebuilt Cummins 250 diesel, tandem, wet line (180,000mi); 1967 IH Loadstar tandem, gas w/18ft dump box; 36ft aluminum triaxle dump trailer; Trailmobile 28ft aluminum tandem dump trailer; tandem joe dog w/hyd. kit

Misc: Tamper 150kW 3phase 575volt genset w/8cyl natural gas engine (water cooled); Tamper 150kW 3phase 575volt genset w/8cyl natural gas engine (radiator); Waukesha F817GU 6cyl natural gas power unit; Caterpillar 1936 Road Patrol Grader (as is); 2-2500gal poly tanks; 1300gal poly tank; transfer pump; steel fuel tank for pickup; Caldwell propane bin dryer; Behlen dryer parts; qty. of aeration flooring; bin aeration fans; 5hp centrifugal force squirrel cage fans; electric motors; Rawson coulters; Raven 440 rate controller; AgLeader ezboom swath control; 3-AgLeader light bars; assorted sprayer controls; Rawson Accuplant vari-rate hyd. planter drive w/radar; FM base radio and 3 mobile units; Firestone 12.4x42 tires on rims; pr. 38x12 Ford rims; assorted wagon tires and rims; JD tin corn snouts; JD header gear drive (440rpm); 2-20ft finger reels (parts); 6-JD suitcase weights; 6-Ford suitcase weights; 500gal propane tank; JD 110 riding mower (as is, good tin); Bolens Rideomatic riding mower (as is); 4ft x 4ft Cummins double sided lit sign (damaged); assorted farm related miscellaneous; some old farm collectables still being found; qty. of scrap metal

Neighbours Consignments: JD M tractor; 4-17ft flat rack wagons; 12ft crowfoot packer; 2-wood trailers