Gila Ridge Storage

Online Auction in Gila Ridge Storage, Yuma, Arizona, United States

03 Monday
03rd August, 2020 6:00 PM

Gila Ridge Storage

Online Auction in Gila Ridge Storage, Yuma Arizona, United States

Monday at - 03rd August , 2020



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Gila Ridge Storage

Online Auction - Yuma, AZ

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Online Storage Auction - 2 Units available 

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Auction Ends: Aug. 3rd 2020 at 6:00 PM (soft close)




Description / Storage Unit Auction Contents May Contain:  Couches, boxes, baby items, bins
Custom Notice: Hours: You can only have access to unit during business hours of the facility. Removal of items: All items must be removed within 72 Hours of sale. Items CANNOT be discarded in the facility dumpster. A cash deposit of $100.00 is required, refundable only after ALL Items are removed and unit is left broom swept. Abandonment: Any items not removed within the 72 Hours will be deemed abandoned, will no longer be the property of the high bidder and may be discarded, donated, or sold to the next highest bidder with all proceeds going to the facility owner, and any deposit will be retained by the facility owner. Lien-holder right of redemption: All sales are subject to the rights of owners and lienholders of vehicles, trailers, boats and outboard motors to redeem the property immediately prior to the gavel falling. All items are sold as is with no representations or warranties from the facility or auctioneer. Securing unit after auction: The high bidder must immediately put his lock on the unit when payment has been made at the facility. FACILITY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS TAKEN FROM THE UNIT AFTER OUR LOCKS ARE REMOVED FOR THE HIGH BIDDER. Cleaning out unit: All units must be left clean with all items removed no later than the deadline stated above. All deposit amounts shall be retained if the unit is not left in this state. The dumpster on the property may not be used by buyers. Failure of buyer to abide by this or any other sale term will result in denial of future bidding rights.