Antique, Toy and Collectible Auction

Antique Auction in Camrose Regional Exhibition, Camrose Alberta, Canada

19 Saturday
October 19th, 2019 9:00 AM
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Antique, Toy and Collectible Auction

Antique Auction in Camrose Regional Exhibition, Camrose Alberta, Canada

Saturday at - 19th October , 2019


Our Fall Antique, toy and collectible auction has some unique and collectible items. The toys come from two different collectors with some one of a kind toys. Viewing starts at 8:00 a.m. on sale day. Subject to additions and deletions. 






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Auction Items For Sale

Starting out the auction with old coins, tokens and paper money.

China and glassware:

"Tom and Jerry" punch bowl set with cups

Nippon and Noritake china

Flow Blue china

6 pieces of Vaseline glass stemware

Oak porcelin lined biscuit barrel

2 "Dresden" china statues



We will be selling 2 collections of one of kind and rare collector tractors and semi trucks, and also collector cars in various scales:

1555 Oliver tractor

1924 J.D. Spoker D

1925 J.D. Model D nickel flywheel

1942 Ford pickup

Allis Chalmers G

Battery operated pump engine

Case 600 diesel

Case L

Case L

Case 2 bottom plow

Cockshutt 70

Ford 1953 Golden Jubilee

Fordson Major diesel

Frolich- John Frolich formed the waterloo

Hand operated fire pumper

J.D 40 Crawler

J.D. 60

J.D. 70

J.D. 330 utility 

J.D 430 industrial Nebraska High

J.D. 430 utility (still in box)

J.D. 520 w/restoration

J.D. 630 propane

J.D. A Orchard (still in box)

J.D. A

J.D. B Orchard

Here's a list of John Deere toys:

BO Lindeman Crawler

BR Industrial


BW styled

C cab and gas pump

Corn sheller

Danee 100 (built for testing then J.D. bought the  

G tractor

GP tractor

GPP Potato

H tractor

J.D. L utility built @ the Moline wagon works

J.D. M Industrial Nebraska highwary orange

J.D. M tricycle

J.D. Model A 50th Anniversary plate 

J.D. Model A 50th Anniversary 

J.D. Model A GP

Model C 1928 became the GP

Model D 1953 Streeter special

Model D 1953 Streeter

Model G 50th Anniversary

model G 50th Anniversary plate

Model M series III

Model M tricycle

J.D. open pole Model B

Pump engine on trucks

J.D. R collector series flywheel

J.D. R collectore series II

J.D. Spoler D 75th Anniversary

Styled AR

J.D. wagon

J.D. wide axle GP

J.D. w two mounted corn picker

J.D. 820 diesel

Minni Moline Model U

Model M series 111 serial plate

Overtime sold in Great Britian front

Overtime sold in Great Britian

Restoration tractor

UDLX comfort tractor

Waterloo Boy pump engine (special edition) X 2

Waterloo Boy pump engine

Waterloo Boy special edition Model R

Waterloo Boy special edition Model R  plate

Waterloo Boy tractor

Wide Axle J.D. 520

Wide Axle J.D. Model A 

Other collectible Toys:

Great Houdini deluxe magic set

4 Harley Davidson motorcycles  1:18 scale

1973 Barbie Chris Craft boat (fold out)

Large collection of cabbage patch dolls ( w/ extra clothing)

One Barbie Living prety home (in original box)

2 Barbie 1970's fashion cases

1965 black Barbie case

1960's Barbie in clothes

1965 Skipper doll and scooter 

1960's Skipper doll (w/ bendable legs)

1960"s Sketter doll

Set of boxed G.I. Joe micro machines

Transformers pin ball game

Star Wars Air Hog

4 Hotwheels city centers

Matchbox power scooter

CAT P5000 lift truck

Corgi John Player Special F1 race car 1:18 scale

24 original Red Line Hot Wheels

Collection of 1:24 scale cars and trucks by: American Muscle, and others

Original Light Brite (still in box)

2 old bags of toy truck sets

Merlin hand held game

KISS wood mask's

3 hockey card sets

Pack of old postcards

8 Tootsie toy ships 

Set of 4 1/64 scale liquor advrisin long hauler trucks

Selection of 1/34 scale advertising coin bank trucks (CAT, White Rose, Hawkeye, Quaker State, Shell and McCormick-Deering Farmall) All in original boxes

Coin bank tow trucks

Limited Edition RCMP car bank and Limited Edition RCMP model car with RCMP badg

Fisher Price wind-up radio ( Ten Little Indians)

Old steam tractor in original box (Mamod)

Large collection of old western comic books ( Billy the Kid, Cheyene Kid, Red Ryder,Out laws of the West, Gunfighters,Black Rider, Tom Mix and lots more)

Group of 4 A&W teddy bears

Old tin toy dump truck, and army tank and others

100% adult hot wheels, treasure hunts, transformers, 

Movie chase cars and regular first runs

Johnny lightning poker series cars

24 original redline hot wheels

Mixed hot wheels, treasure hunts and first editions



Unique Collectibles:

Large enamal painted " John Deere Farm Implements" sign 

RCMP collectibles including: drinking glasses, 4 RCMP statues, hard cover book called (Men and Mounted adventures of the RCMP, china bell, ash trays, shot glasses, and more)

1950's advertising calenders

Old clarient in case

Set of traffic lights for a man cave

Collector tins including: gramaphone needle tins, old cigarette tins, 

Cigar boxes

Early 1900's "National" cash register

Oaked cased antique clocks

1 gal "Sunburst" crock

X-cut saws

Antique coach lamp

Vintage steamer trunk

Movie poster

Rodeo and horse auction posters

7- 1970's collector porcelin dolls with papers

Collection of kids hard cover books: Gene Autrey, Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Tom Swift, Mystery novels, etc.

Coca Cola collectibles

Beautiful Oak case working clock

Collection of old parts mauals: Combine #9 , 45, etc. Thrashing machine binders, Implements, 2 sets of I & T manuals, various operator manuals, including 2 cylinder tractors, various repair manuals.

Selection of J.D. collectibles including: puzzles, clock, salt and pepper shaker, sweat shirt, coffee cups and more.

Antique oval pictures

Selection of beautiful framed western pictures and others.


Second collection of John Deere toys and Freight liner trucks:

Kenworth cattle lines

Kenworth Gravel Truck and trailer

Peterbilt cement bulk hauler

Volvo pipe hauler

Idot rigs truck and trailer racing team

2- Mack trucks and lowbed trailer with excavator, and truck and log trailer

John Deere die cast bulldozer

J.D. 400D dump truck

J.D. Remote control Lg. tractor (2)

Remote control J..D 850 bulldozer

J.D. air seeder set

(2) of Peterbilt model 367 w/ grain box

J.D. 8820 combine

1915 Waterloo Boy tractor

1935 model BR tractor

1924 model D tractor Anniversary Edition

1931 model GP w/ flarebox wagon

1937 model B tractor

Model GP tractor

1953 model 70 tractor

J.D. model G tractor

J.D. model 720 tractor

J.D. AW Collector Edition 

J.D. model HN

J.D. model 530 tractor w/ heat houser

J.D. model 80  (diesel)

J.D. model M

J.D. General Purpose (no box)

1953 model 60 175th Silver Edition

4000 Precision Classic tractor

1937 model D Heritage series

175th Anniversary tractor set

J.D. 7020 4WD 

J.D. 8430 4WD w/blade tractor

J.D. 9500 combine

J.D. 9510 Maximizer combine

J.D. 12H combine (no box)

J.D. 4 Piece Historical combine set

J.D 9750 STS combine

J.D. 4 Pce.Historicla set

1958 model 630 1963 model 4010 and flare box wagon  1:34 scale

1:64 scale 4450 MFWB tractor

4 Pce tractor set

9610 combine set

J.D. 4230 tractor

J.D. grinder mixer

J.D. mower conditioner

J.D. #400 tool bar

9870 STS combine

(2) J.D. 3020 tractors

1978 4240 Prestige tractor

J.D. model G tractor

7760 cotton picker

9530 tractor and ripper

2010 J.D. crawler

420 Collector Edition crawler

430 J..D crawler

430 J.D. crawler (Green)

J.D. 440 crawler w/blade

J.D. 4455 MFWD Collector Edition tractor


4450 Elite

6030 Elite

4840 Elite

7800 Gold Edition Elite (2)

7800 Elite

4320 Elite

1971 4620 

J.D. 4455-25th Anniversary Addition tractor

J..D 720 Prestige tractor

5690 combine

9570 RX tractor (2)

S690 combine

4640 1978 tractor

4440 Prestige tractor

9400T tractor collecor edition

Model 70 tractor

J.D. 9430T 

J.D. 8960

9750 STS combine

Tractor and squae baler play set

J.D. skid steer

J.D. 9630 4WD Dealer Edition

J.D. 2510 and #50 mower

J.D. 8400T 

4450 tractor (no box)

Air seeder set

J.D. Implement pick up

J.D. 9520 tractor with ripper

J.D 9200 tractor w/triples

J.D. 9620 RX tractor Collector Edition (2)

J.D. S690 combine

J.D. 9670 STS combine

J.D. 7610

J.D. 6410 tractor w/loader

J.D. 6000/7000 series tractors (to be assembled)

J.D. 8420 w/grain cart

J.D. 8410

J.D. 6210 tractor w/ loader and manure spreader

J.D. 4 Pce. Historical  tractor set (2)

J.D. model 50, 530, and 520 tractor collector set

Limited Edition die cast metal trucks

1918 Mack stake truck bank

1940 Ford die cast metal pick up truck bank

1957 Chevy Panel truck bank

Horse and Wagon delivery bank

Die Cast metal truck #111 of 400

1938 anel truck bank

Ford- Texaco truck coin bank

1957 Corvette

J..D 850C series bull dozer (2)

J.D. 772CH grader

J.D. 200C Excavator

J.D. 544E loader

J.D. 310D backhoe loader

J.D. 4440 crawler w/blade

J..D log skidder

J..D 6400 MFWD tractor

J.D. 748H log skidder (High detail)

Gravel truck w/chrome box

Tonka crane truck

J.D. wheel loader 60th Anniversary eDITION

CAT 365B L series 2 excavator

J.D. 8600 Forge harvester (2)

J.D. 8650 National Farm toy show tractor

J.D. R4038 sprayer w/semi trailer

Semi tractor and trailer


Beautiful Oak side by side china cabinet/drop front desk

Antique parlour table

Primitive kitchen cupboard

Also selling is a sound system: 2-QSC hpr 1811 pr self powered sub woofers, 2 QSC monitor speakers, 1-Allen & Heath Xone 62 mixer board. All needed wires to set up included. Appr $6600 replacement value.