Antique Auction

Antique Auction in Spedden Hall, Spedden Alberta, Canada

07 Sunday
April 07th, 2019 10:30 AM
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Antique Auction

Antique Auction in Spedden Hall, Spedden Alberta, Canada

Sunday at - 07th April , 2019


We have a good selection of antiques and collectibles. If you would like to participate in this sale call Danny at 780-645-1589


auction company not responible for errors in the discription of items and not liable for any accidents on our or our consignors properties



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Auction Items For Sale

Crock and Stoneware

Medalta 5 gal crock and 3 gal crock,5 gallon crock & lid, 10gal and 20 gal crock, 5 gal pickle crock, 5 gal butter churn 


Glassware and Lamps

Barn Lanterns, Old switchman’s lantern, Covered wagon lamp, tongue-handle operates power switch, Skyscraper lamp from ‘40s, 28” tall, Pair novelty ‘winking’ dresser lamps, eyes appear to open & close when light on/off, Pair antique bed lamps, heavy cast bases, Turned wood, tri-light floor lamp, Alladin lamp black and white,  Alladin lamp amber, Scotty dog lamp, Beaver jar ½ gal, Beaver jar qt., Stoppered glass chemical jar, 2 Stained glass windows 


Assorted Antiques

sickle, iron, One gal jugs, butterchurn, old phone, cream can, coal pail, silver tea set and tray, Bakelite rotary dial phone with stand, Big Ben alarm clock from 1920s, works, Fifteen-day, chiming wall clock, Matchstick replica Eiffel Tower, 28” tall, Matchstick replica CN Tower, Toronto, 44” tall, Radio-gramophone from ‘40s, works, needs aerial, stylus, Antique wicker doll carriage, Chrome & onyx smoker stand from the ‘50s, caramelized glass shades, Singer Featherweight sewing machine, model 221, attachments, case, Cheddar Flavor Cheese box CPR oil tin, 2 Gainers lard tins, Army canteen 1956, Oil bottle, RedHead 5 gal pail, and more.


Houseware and Miscellaneous

Six hand-carved, English oak dining chairs, over a hundred years old, drop leaf table, Chairs, Pure Crest, Sofa/lamp table, K-NEX ‘Rippin’ Rocket Roller Coaster construction set, made in Germany, complete, with instruction manual, Six reference books on antiques, Vintage 6-ft. toboggan, “Independent Telephone Co.” long-box telephone, Old two-compartment lobster trap, Spinning wheel, Cream can, Saw vise, Wooden plane, Brass gurney scale, Set of tumblers in original box Canada Dry, Fox horn, Linseed lozenge tin, Blueberry picker, Superior safety matches box , Blue ribbon baking powder tin, 4 straps of horse bells, Horse bit, Spreaders , Horse spreaders 3 cap guns, 3 pocket watches, 2 sets glass doorknobs, Straight razor, Gillette razor, Mantle clock, Copper boiler, Meat grinder, Doctor’s bag, Wringer, Implement seat, Cream separator and strainer, 1934 Glendon Massey Harris calendar and more.



Three hand-crafted wooden vehicles, Rare Muller hand-crank toy sewing machine, 1924, Germany, Minnitoy truck Minnitransport c. 1940, Structo dump truck c1950, Minnitoy truck Heinz c1950