Annual Pre-Harvest Auction

Auction in LOT 5 HWY #3 EAST, Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Canada

08 Thursday
08th August, 2019 8:00 AM

Annual Pre-Harvest Auction

Auction in LOT 5 HWY #3 EAST, Tisdale Saskatchewan, Canada

Thursday at - 08th August , 2019


We describe all items to the best of our ability but all listings are for a guide only. THE BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR INSPECTION AS TO CONDITION, YEAR AND MODEL before bidding. Bruce Schapansky Auctioneers and Seller disclaim all warranties expressed or implied about the merchantability of the items or their fitness for a particular purchase. All purchases become the responsibility of and shall remain at the risk of the purchaser immediately upon acceptance of their bid. All sales are final. No purchase may be removed until paid in full including all applicable taxes. If for any reason the buyer fails to remove purchased item within specified time limit the auctioneer may have the item removed and resold or stored at buyers risk and expense. Terms and conditions announced by Auctioneer Sale Day takes precedence over any written or verbal statements made prior to auction. All successful bidders must contact Bruce Schapansky Auctioneers Inc immediately after the auction to arrange payment. Cash, Debit, Certified checks will be accepted. Visa/MasterCard will also be accepted with a convenience Fee of 3%. All items must be paid for within 24 hrs after the auction. There will be an Internet Fee of 3% up to a maximum of $750.00 per lot for all Online purchases.Bruce Schapansky Auctioneers is providing internet bidding through the services of NextLot as a convenience to prospective purchasers. The auction company or NextLot will not be held liable in any way shape or form for any disruptions or missed bids due to system lags or malfunction.  



Location has been calculated by address and may not be 100% accurate.

Auction Items For Sale

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  • 2003 JD 9420, 4 hyds, std trans., showing 5574 hrs, Ag Management Solutions ATU 200 steering kit, 710x70R42 tires **Norris Will Estate**


  • 1995 Ford Versatile 9480, w/ 4 hyds, Cummins D eng., std trans., return line, 20.8R38 triples, approx. 5800 hrs, c/w Trimble 750 auto steer **Allan Barros Dispersal**


  • 1983 JD 4450, 2 PTO, 3 hyds, ODO not working, PTO not working **Norris Will Estate**


  • IH 784 FWA, w/ diesel eng., showing 4188 hours, w/ Leon 744 loader, bale forks, pallet forks & bucket



  • 1982 Case 4490, w/ PTO, showing 7437 hrs, plumbed for air seeder, rubber is decent, owner says everything works, new air filters, fresh oil change, field ready


  • 1964 JD 4020 tractor, c/w FEL, bucket and bale fork, owner says new batteries last year


  • 1984 Versatile 875, w/ hyds, showing 8417.5 hrs


  • 1981 Versatile 875, w/ hyds, showing 5317 hrs
  • Universal 445 DT tractor, w/ 7' dozer blade, *doesn't shift into Reverse
  • Case 630 tractor w/ FEL, owner says runs good, uses a little oil, rubber is good
  • 1966 JD 5020, hyds, PTO, new light package
  • Case/IH 4694, 4 hyds., 1000 PTO, 20.8R-38 Duals, c/w 12'' Degelman Dozer Blade ***Brakes Poor***

  • Versatile 276 Bi-directional, 4 cyl D eng., hydrostatic trans, showing 13650hrs, 16.9 x28 tires, comes with bucket, pallet forks, bale grapple


  • JD 4230, 2 hyds, 540 + 1000 PTO, owner says tractor has 12,500 hrs, engine and transmission were rebuilt at 5736hrs, front hyd pump rebuilt 2 years ago, new front tires, c/w JD 158 loader, SN W00158X040203 **Reason for selling...upgraded
  • MF 65, PTO, 3 pth, PTO, owner says new starter
  • Ford 9N, PTO, 3pth, owner says new head

We are CLOSING AT 1:00pm on Sunday 
We will reopen Monday @ 8:00 am!








  • 2012 JD S680, c/w 615 P header, SC, hopper cover, showing 1633 sep hrs, 2509 eng hrs, 900/60R32 front tires, 28LR 26 rear tires


  • 2009 JD 9770 STS, bullet rotor, fine cut chopper, hopper extension, 1774 eng hrs, 1141 sep hrs, c/w JD 615 PU, SN H09770S732354 **Norris Will Estate**


  • 2013 New Holland CR 9090, showing 1759 eng hrs, 1335 sep hrs, luxury leather, blue tooth, loaded, Crary hopper topper, 372 receiver unlocked for center point or range point, twin pitch rotors, Steinbauer performance chip, Owner says cleaned air cleaner housing totally, removed torque sensor, cleaned, changed slides and spring regreased, new bearings on gauge wheels PU, replaced table finger guides, replaced bottom chopper belt, replaced left-hand tailings, rod bushings & indicator, replaced primary feeder drive tensioner idler bearing, repaired right-hand steering cylinder, small leak, replaced feeder jack shaft bearings, replaced bubbleup auger to hopper seal, new AC & alternator belts, fresh oil change, recent filters, approx 100 hrs on new wind knives on chopper, replaced presieve 100 hrs ago, replaced inside stone trap door wear strips 100 hrs ago, all hydraulic fluids, filters, def fuel filter, fuel filters replaced fall 2017. Very clean, premium unit, shedded, ready to work. **For more information, please call Dennis at 306-961-8188**

  • 2013 MF 9560, showing 1963 eng hrs, 1460 sep hrs, w/ auto steer, duals, fancy chopper, power fold hopper, loaded, one owner, owner says always serviced at the dealer

  • 2012 JD S690, showing 2523 eng hrs, 1869 sep hrs, duals, fancy chopper, steer ready, power fold hopper, one owner, owner says loaded pretty good

  • 2009 Case 6088, 1318 eng hrs, 1109 sep hrs, PU header, 30.5LR 32 tires, owner says new batteries,


  • 2008 JD 9870, showing 2676 eng hrs, 1823 sep hrs, w/ bullet rotor, 615P header, hopper extension, straw chopper, harvest screen, Owner says return elevator chain replaced in 2017, straw chopper hammer replaced in 2018, feeder chain replaced in 2017, field ready
  • 2006 MF 9690, showing 1995 eng hrs, 1438 sep hrs, w/ chopper, chaff spreader, big hopper option, hyd windguard

  • 2004 JD 9860 STS, showing 3622 eng hrs, 2528 sep hrs, w/ 20.8/42 duals, 28L-26 rear tires, c/w 914P pickup header, fine cut straw chopper, hopper cover, air foil sieve


  • 1998 New Holland, w/ 6 cyl diesel eng., hydro trans., showing 4285 eng hrs, 3410 sep hrs, w/ Victory Super 8 pickup, straw chopper, hopper cover


  • 1997 MF 8780, showing 2945 sep hrs, w/ chopper, new front big rubber, owner says lots of work done to it in last 500 hrs
  • 1987 MF 8560, showing 3044 eng hrs, 2000 sep hrs, w/ chopper pickup header & pickup, mint condition
  • 1984 Case IH 1460, showing 2576 original hrs, owner says 1500 acres on new feeder chain, rub & concaves in very good shape, A/C works, combine in very good shape, well maintained, driven to sale from Hudson Bay, manual in office
  • 1983 IH 1460, showing 2118 hrs, owner says new batteries, runs good
  • 1983 MF 860, Melroe 388 PU, CS, showing 2928, 23.1-30 front
  • 1990 JD 9500, 4700 eng., 3526 sep, 7 belt PU(new belts 1 yr ago) new water pump 1 year ago, good rear tires
  • 1998 MF 8780 Rotary combine, showing 2302 sep hrs, 2933 eng hrs, owner says brand new tires, new starter, new batteries, new PU belts, motor uses very little oil, needs bottom seive, SN X55145
  • MF 8460, Super 8 PU, showing 3311 eng hrs, Owner says new water pump, new fan hub bearing & bearings, new cylinders, belt air foil sieve
  • CIH 2188, c/w PU 1015 header, HD rear axle, SC, CS, showing 4030 eng., 2941 Sep hrs, 30.5L-32 front, 14.9-24 rear, owner says $24,000 W/O Insurance work order in the fall of 2015, feeder chain, sprockets,drum, cone, cage, concaves, rub bars, chopper, 2016 Auger elbow, chopper gear box, rotor drive shieves, bubble up auger, 2018 feeder house belt, feeder house floor,2019 return elevator chain
  • JD CTS II Maximizer Combine, SC, CS, hopper extension, air flow sieve, JD PU

  • 1998 Case 2388, c/w 1015 header, SC, showing 2516 sep hrs, 3635 eng hrs, SN JJC0266114 *Kevin Lechler Partial Dispersal*






  • JD 930D, fore and aft, PU reel, ultra torque radial DT-712 duals, c/w 4-wheel transport, SN 706185 **Norris Will Estate**

  • 2013 MacDon D65-S draper header, 35', w/ New Holland adaptor, MacDon PU reel, hyd fore & aft, AHH float indicator, hyd header tilt, end finger kit, outboard & inboard poly skid shoes, poly cutter bar shoes, shedded, 1 owner, **For more information, please call Dennis at 306-961-8188**


  • JD 635 Hydra-Flex header, 35', c/w transport trailer, full fingered auger, owner says transport is next to new


  • JD 930D draper header, w/ pickup reel, fore & aft, single point hookup, factory transport
  • NH 971 25ft header
  • 2009 Honeybee Grainbelt Plus header, 36', w/ JD adapter, pea auger, PU reels fore & aft, built-on mover
  • Case 1015 pick-up header, owner says good floor, good auger
  • JD 24' header, w/ pickup reel

  • 2007 MacDon 974 flex header, 35', w/ transport, gauge wheels, cross auger, JD adaptor, owner says in very nice condition
  • 1993 Honeybee header, 30', w/ Agco/GL adaptor, pickup reel, transport
  • JD 925, 25', w/ pickup reel and transport
  • JD 30' rigid header, w/ pickup reel
  • Honeybee SP30 header, w/ pickup reel, pea auger
  • Case/IH 1010, 30ft, Straight cut header, fits 1680,1688, 2380, 2388 etc, c/w transport, owner says bearings repacked , new tires
  • 2007 Honeybee SP36, straight cut, W/ CNH adapter, single knife drive, hyd reel, fore / aft, Custom Adj height in front of knife guage wheels
  • 1999 Honeybee 994 30ft, c/w CNH adapter, P auger, U2 PU reel
  • 2004 JD 914P header, 7 belt PU, came off of 9760 combine

  • 2009 Case/IH 2020 flex header, 30ft, w/ PU reel

  • 2005 Case/IH 2016, 16ft, 9 belt, owner says new bearings, new front shaft
  • 2006 JD 930D draper header, 30ft, c/w PU reel, new guards & section in 2018, built in transport, single point hookup

  • JD 435 draper header, 35ft, split PU reel, built in transport


  • JD 435 draper header, 35ft, split PU reel, built in transport
  • Honey Bee SP-30 30ft header, Hart Carter PU
  • JD 925 25ft straight cut header, c/w PU reel & transport




  • 2006 Westward 9250, 30’, split MacDon PU reel, MacDon 972 harvest header, showing 1558hrs, rear hitch, Owner says, full tank of fuel, field ready SN 171592 **Norris Will Estate**


  • 2006 MF 9220 swather, 30', w/ hydro trans., showing 1276 hrs, 18.4R-26 & 14Lx16.1 tires, w/ 5200 header, pickup reel, owner says new canvases, knife & head in 2015, approx 150 hrs ago
  • 1999 Case 8825 HP , 25ft, Turbo , showing 1733hrs, double knife drive, triple delivery, SN CFH0127665

  • 1998 MacDon 9200, 30', ODO shows 3073 hrs, c/w 2002 962 30' header, JD auto steer, roto sheers, mounted swath roller

  • 1998 Massey Ferguson 220, 26', w/ Isuzu eng., showing 2587 hrs.
  • 1998 MF 220, 26', w/ Isuzu eng., showing 2587 hrs
  • 1993 New Noble 722 swather, 26' w/ diesel eng., hydrostatic, 18.4-16.1 tires, showing 2387 hrs, 26' MacDon PU reel, owner says approx 3200 acres on a new schumacher drive, radio & A/C work
  • 1999 Premier 1900 pull-type swather, 30', w/ 1000 PTO, MacDon PU reel, owner says less than 1000 acres on knives, guards & canvas
  • Case IH 8220 pull-type swather, 25', c/w spare knives, unused canvases & other spare parts
  • MF 220 30ft swather, showing 1493hrs, roto sheer, SN F22167
  • 1994 Prairie Star 4900, 25ft, showing 2868 hrs, Cummins D eng., 2 spd trans., PU header, SN 88631
  • 1990 Westward IH 7000, 25ft, PU reels, A/c, sliding table

  • 2003 MF 220 XL , 30ft, Perkins 4 cyl eng., showing 1837hrs, double swath, PU reels, owner says new sickle, swath roller , always shedded, SN HM70175 * Bill Perkins Dispersal**
  • Batt reel, 22½ft, came off Versatile swather
  • 1998 Westward 9200, 25ft, split delivery, c/w 1998 MacDon header, showing 3131 hrs, owner says tires/canvasses/rollers have about 30 hrs on them
  • Hesston 1200 30ft swather, built on hyd shear, owner says good canvas, divider & VG condition

  • 1999 Case 8825HP swather, 25', W/ turbo eng., showing 1733 hrs, double knife drive, triple delivery * Kevin Lechler Partial Farm Dispersal*


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  • 1979 Caterpillar D7G, 3306 Turbo, 3 spd powershift trans., 5902 hrs, 24" track groups, angle dozer & tilt, M/S ripper, 24" track groups, brush guarded, SN 92V08245




  • 2001 JD 250 Series II, c/w 7ft snow bucket , 64 HP, owner says 150 hrs on new hyd pump, showing 2029hrs




  • 1998 Bourgault 3225, 4 wheel, single chute, hyd drive load/unload auger, hyd drive fan, SN 8026




  • Miller Nitro 3275HT HCS, 120ft, showing 1940hrs, w/ triple nozzle bodies, sectional control, 1400 gal stainless steel tank, foam marker, Raven controller, Raven smart trax, Straight Shot easy steer, c/w 20.8R42 wide tires **Allan Barros Dispersal**






  • 2016 Unverferth 1015 X-Treme, w/ PTO & hyd drive, roll tarp, c/w Cab Cam, unused scale, owner says PTO has never been used **Norris Will Estate**


  • 2017 Parker 1039, Unused, 1000bu, w/ corner auger, hyd spout, 900-32 tires, unloading side height 12'6", loading side height 11'6", overall width 12'10", overall length 27'7", cart width 11'11", auger reach 7'11", length tongue to hub 18'3", auger unloading height 12'11", clearance 1'4", tongue height 1'4", box length 21'6", weight 12,330, tongue weight 6100, auger size 17", spindle diameter 3 3/4", Unloading time 400bu/min, bull tongue hitch, 1 3/4"x20 spline *IN BSA YARD

  • 1996 Bourgault 110 grain cart, 1100bu, PTO drive, tarp
  • Inland Gravity 4-wheeled grain cart, approx 250bu, 11x15.5 tires
  • 2004 Unverferth 8200, 800bu grain cart




  • JD 1610 cultivator, 30'
  • JD 100 cultivator, 12', w/ tine and cylinder harrows
  • JD 1600 deep tillage cultivator, 29', annhydrous kit on it
  • 3PTH cultivator, 7'
  • MF HD 12' cultivator, 3PTH w/ mounted 3 bar harrows
  • IHC 4700 cultivator, 45'
  • IH 645 Anhydrous cultivator, 29ft, rear hitch
  • Morris CP 419, 20ft cultivator, c/w MTH, 12inch sweeps, brand new tires, owner says new seats in 2 cylinders




  • Highline Stubble Buster 50' harrow bar

  • 2008 Bourgault 6000 70' mid harrow bar
  • 3PTH harrow bar, 15', diamond tooth harrows
  • Rite-Way 70' harrow bar

  • 2004 Degelman swath master heavy harrows, 70ft, SN 2836
  • Riteway 40ft harrow packer


  • 2013 Brandt 8200, 82ft, owner says new tines this spring


  • 2010 Bourgault 6000 mid harrow, 90ft, hyd height adj., 7/16 tines, 2 seasons ago), auto fold
  • Flexicoil System 82, 60ft harrow bar
  • Riteway 468 60ft harrow bar




  • 2011 Riteway MH-42, 42’




  • Great Plains 15' no till drill, w/ grass seed boots

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We will reopen Monday @ 8:00 am!







  • Hesston 514 round baler *Norris Will Estate**
  • 1982 Hesston 5510 round baler
  • New Idea 4845 round baler, 4x5, 9.5L-14




  • Hesston Hydro Swing T014, 9.5L-14, SN 12155




  • Haybuster H-1000 hay buster tub grinder, PTO drive




  • 2014 Wheatheart X130-74, 13"x74', w/ electric swing, reverser, 1000 PTO
  • 2015 Sakundiak 8"x39' auger, w/ 25HP Kohler eng., 8" Wheatheart hyd sweep, reversible gear box, grain boot, canvas motor covers
  • 2012 Sakundiak SLMD12-72 swing auger, 12"x72', c/w Hawes mover, hyd winch, remote in office
  • 2011 Farm King 1370, 13"x70', PTO drive, hyd topper lift, hyd swing
  • Westfield MK 100-61 , full bin sensor
  • Brandt 1070 grain auger , swing away w/ elec mover, hyd winch, remote in office
  • Westfield 100x61 grain auger, 10x61, swing away, poor flighting
  • 2014 Brandt Grain belt 1585 Eztrak beltvayer, 15x85, w/ hyd dr belt, swing away, manual winch lift on swing away
  • Grain Max 4371 auger, c/w remotes in office
  • Westfield TR100-51, 10x51, hyd drive swing away. PTO drive, hyd raise, lower
  • Brandt 1070 grain auger, w/ mechanical drive swing away, reverser
  • 1975 Sakundiak HD7-33 auger, w/ 16HP Kohler eng., tires in poor condition
  • Brandt 10x60 swing-away auger
  • Farm King 1370 auger, 13"x70', c/w remote mover, light kit, reverser, owner says never used for fertilizer
  • Westfield TR100-51, 10"x51', w/ hyd drive swing-away, PTO drive, hyd raise & lower
  • 2003 Brandt scissor lift auger, 10"x70', owner says in good shape
  • Westfield auger, 10"x20'
  • Farm King 8"x61', electric
  • Sakundiak 10"x65' swing auger
  • 2007 Sakundiak, 10"x52', w/ Hawes 4-wheel mover, hyd drive, hyd winch, aux light package, electric clutch package, dual switches, reversible auger hopper for under hopper bins, owner says stored inside, small farm
  • Sakundiak HD7-45, 7"x45'
  • Westfield MK100, 10"x60'
  • Sakundiak 9-1600, 8x52, LED lights, plumbed for bin sweep, motor & mover
  • 2018 Meridian HD 8-59 grain auger, 8x58, 7.5HP electric motor, reverser, used in a grain dryer
  • Farm King 10x70 swing away , no PTO
  • Westfield 1370 auger, 13x70, full bin sensor
  • Brandt 1070, swing away, reverser
  • 2011 Wheatheart 850, 8x50, c/w Bin sweep, 20HP, hyd lift
  • Brandt 10x60 swing away, reverser
  • Buhler FarmKing 1385 swing away auger, reverser
  • 2013 Farmking 8x61, c/w belts




  • Richiger R9 grain bagger, 9', w/ 12V winch, bag lifter




  • 1979 Ford 8000, w/ Cat Diesel eng., 5+2 trans., c/w 20' box & hoist, roll tarp
  • 1981 IH 1700, w/ 404 gas eng., 5+2 trans., 15' box, showing 75137kms, owner says 2nd owner
  • 1977 GMC, Detroit D eng., 5+2 trans., 16ft box , owner says box/hoist/tarp in good condition, new radiator, Michels roll tarp
  • 1977 Ford, w/ 361 V8 eng., 5+2 trans., showing 35998 original miles, high side, 16' box, Michel's tarp, cab over, owner says everything works
  • 1975 International, w/ 404 gas eng., 5+2 trans, 400bu, ODO shows 86,000mi, 10.00x20 tires, roll-over tarp, owner says leaky manifold
  • 1974 Dodge 600, w/ 318 eng., 4 spd std trans., ODO shows approx. 86,420, owner says new alternator, new battery, new rad, new power steering pump, in very good condition, everything seems to work.
  • 1974 International 1850, w/ Diesel eng., auto trans, 10.00R-20 tires, 18' steel box & hoist, roll tarp
  • 1972 GMC, 427 eng., 5+4 trans., tag axle, 18ft box & hoist, owner says runs & drives ok
  • 1972 Ford 750, w/ V8 eng., 5+2 trans., 10.00x20 tires, roll tarp, 16' steel box & hoist
  • 1985 Ford F-800 grain truck, V8 gas, 5+2 trans., showing 166213, 11.00-20 rear, 10.00 x 20 front, 17ft steel box & hoist, roll tarp
  • 1975 Chevy C60 grain truck, 15ft box & tarp, showing 84454, owner says new fuel pump, new battery, new brake, master cylinder & carb rebuilt
  • 1991 GMC Topkick 8500 tandem grain truck, 205 HP, Cat 3116, 13 spd Eaton trans, showing 640111, c/w Cancade box & hoist, roll tarp, plumbed for drill fill, Heavy Duty Hitch, owner says new radiator

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We will reopen Monday @ 8:00 am!







  • 1989 Ford gravel truck, w/ 429 propane-fired eng., 5+2 trans., owner says new power steering pump, new water pump, new fan, new rad




  • 2003 Chev 3/4 ton, ODO shows 230601kms, w/ command start
  • 2001 Ford F250 3/4 ton, 7.3L eng., 4x4, auto trans.
  • 1995 GMC 1 ton, w/ V8 eng., auto trans., ODO shows 307806, service body, c/w Honda air compressor

  • 1981 Ford F350 Custom flatdeck 1 ton, w/ 300 6 cyl eng., 4 spd trans, ODO shows 32,195, w/ 215/85R16 tires, owner says original kms, c/w 10' flatdeck, fuel tank w/ electric pump & electric hyd winch


  • 1995 Chev 3500 service truck, 6.5L D eng., showing 228,000kms, 5 spd std, under hood compressor




  • Fort Gary Ind service box, 750 gal, body w/ water tank




  • 2007 Freightliner Columbia, W/ 435HP C15 Cat eng., 13 spd trans., ODO shows 1078278.3kms, 11R22.5 tires, air ride, good rubber, Safetied until November 2019




  • 2014 Load King 28' trailer, c/w winch, triple axle, ramps


  • 2012 Lode King Aluminum step deck trailer, 48ft, w/ front slide axle, air ride, 2 side boxes, tarp racks, heavy duty crank down dolly, 2 aluminum bunks, new wiring harness on back lights, Saftied until August 30th 2109


  • 2016 Rainbow 16' car trailer, c/w ramps
  • 2003 Rainbow tandem axle trailer, 20', w/ loading ramps, spare tire

  • 1998 Cancade tandem trailer, 38', almost new rubber, registration in office
  • 1982 Custom Built Enclosed Trailer, 6x12
  • Custom Built 4x14 trailer, c/w ramps
  • Custom built 6'x10' trailer, s/a, tilt deck
  • 1994 Real 5th wheel stock trailer, 16'
  • Shopbuilt tandem axle welding trailer, w/ 205/70R-15 tires, c/w Air Liquide Wolf Pac 270 welder, showing 578 hrs, cable reels, electrode stabilizing oven, acetylene hose reel w/ hoses & torch, front tool boxes w/ assorted wrenches, sockets, welding rods, grinders, levels, drill bits
  • 1993 West Industries double wide trailer, tilt deck
  • Custom built 2 place snowmobile trailer, w/ front fold-down ramps
  • 1977 Hutchinson water/liquid fertilizer trailer, lead trailer, 5th wheel plate removed, 3 separate compartments (11400L, 10500L, 9500L), 11R22.5 tires, *Needs safety*
  • Columbia high boy trailer, 28', w/ 11R22.5 tires, spring ride suspension
  • 1977 Hutchinson pup trailer, for water/liquid/fertilizer, aluminum tanks, *Needs safety*
  • Lux Made 8x16 flatdeck trailer, checker plate, heavy duty
  • 1978 Fruehauf stock trailer, DX9431006

  • 2008 LPG Grain trailer, 38ft, air ride, weigh scale, owner says new tires last fall, excellent tarp, VG condition, Sask Registered, Needs Safety (was saftied until June 2019)
  • 1996 Doepker 36ft trailer, tandem axle, Sask registered, needs safety
  • 2014 Cargo trailer, 14ft, double axle, ramp at rear, side door
  • 2008 Lode King Super B, owner says tarps are decent, upper new 5th wheel and new king pin, 2 suspension bushing on pup, Lead trailer has a New Holland 5th wheel hitch
  • 2001 Lodeking tandem axle, 36ft, air ride, roll tarp, 11R24.5 tires, *Fresh Safety
  • 1979 Columbia t/a oilfield float trailer, 42x8½ft
  • 1961 King 30 tobn low bed trailer, 8x20, 10.00R15, tandem axle, *Needs Safety
  • Doepker 38ft grain trailer, air ride, roll tarp, sask registered, 11R24.5 tires, *Needs safety
  • Propane Tank & Trailer, 500 gal, c/w hose, 25% propane, buyer of the tank is responsible for getting propane taken out of the tank before it Leaves the Bruce Schapansky Auctioneers yard. Buyer must load this tank & trailer on a certified trailer to haul it out of the BSA yard in Tisdale
  • Homebuilt 8x12 trailer, c/w tool box
  • 10 x 24 bale wagon, tilt deck
  • Shopbuilt 8ft x 30 bale trailer, 12.5x22.5 tires,




  • QTY OF 3, 3 Bale feeders
  • QTY of 8, 1 bale feeders
  • QTY of 3, 2 bale feeders




  • 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab 4x4 truck, w/ 5.7L Hemi, auto trans., A/C, cruise, tilt, cloth interior, P265/70R-17


  • 2012 Chevy Cruze LT Turbo 4-door car, w/ 1.4L eng, auto trans, showing 203,384kms, remote control, AC, tilt, cruise, electric seats, owner says great little car
  • 2005 Ford 4WD truck, w/ 6L diesel eng., auto trans, crew cab, owner says head gasket starting to go, chipped eng., still runs, *Mechanic's Special
  • 1998 Plymouth Voyager Van, 3.3L eng., showing 180,769, owner says runs good
  • 2001 Chrysler Sebring LX 4-door car, auto trans, showing 245,165kms, owner says runs like a top, windows are good, brakes and transmission are good, radio/cassette work well, power windows, power steering, lady driven
  • 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada SUV, w/ auto trans, ODO shows 183,909, owner says owned 1 year, no issues
  • 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan, w/ 3.3L eng, auto trans, ODO shows 197,065, owner says AC works, decent rubber, regular maintenance, c/w spare real tire, command start
  • 2005 Honda Odyssey van, w/ auto trans, ODO shows 250,000kms, loaded, leather heated seats, seats 8, owner says new battery, new sway bar link, rear hatch lifts, new tires, new brakes, pads & calipers all within the last year, all work orders available
  • 1995 Chev K/V 20/2500 truck, 4WD, w/ 350 eng., auto trans, ODO shows 310,000kms, 4+ cab, A/C, 2 new back tires
  • 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 Crew Cab 4x4, Turbo Cummins Dsl, 24valve, Auto , LT 235/80R17, w/ 8ft steel & wood deck
  • 2006 Chev Malibu LS, 6 cyl, auto, owner says recent service, oil change, new battery, winter tires & rims included, loaded
  • 2009 Chevy HHS LS SUV, 4 cyl eng., showing 174,000kms, c/w extra set of summer tires, owner says new brakes, hitch reciever & brake hook up, air tilt cruise PL, keyless entry
  • 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, seats 7, V6 eng., showing 207,000, loaded, well maintained, great family vehicle!
  • 2001 Dodge Ram 2500, 4x4, Cummins 24 Valve eng., 5 spd trans.,Fuel guage doesnt work, showing 596,000kms, c/w 5th wheel mounted to frame
  • 1994 Chev K/V 10/1500, D 6.5L, Auto, Showing 307,300kms, 4WD, A/c doesnt work,





  • 1931 Ford Model A 1/4 ton truck, w/ 4 cyl 201 40HP eng., std trans., owner says completely restored, has won several car show awards, awards to go w/ truck, always stored in sealed container.


  • 1941 Ford Super Deluxe car, V8 Flathead Ford, 3 spd std, all rebuilt & redone owner says always stored inside, no mice, runs excellent, SN 2A13866


  • 1944 JD D tractor, owner says rebuilt magneto


  • 1967 Chev 1500 pickup truck, w/ auto trans., ODO shows 68,794, owner says runs fine

  • 1970 GMC 1/2 ton truck, w/ V8 eng., auto trans, ODO shows 43922, buckets w/ console


  • 1952 Minneapolis U tractor w/ FEL, owner says in good condition


  • 1955 Cockshutt 50 Deluxe tractor, w/ PTO, c/w belt pulley, owner says in good condition


  • 1950 Ford 8N tractor, w/ PTO, 3PTH, estate rake, 3PTH blade, fully restored, owner says everything rebuilt fron the ground up, converted to 12V



TREES & SHRUBS:*Will sell at 8:30am SHARP*

  • Expecting an assortment of 500 trees and shrubs. Trees will be here on August 6th.




  • 1980 Triple E motorhome, 23', w/ 454 Chev eng., auto trans., showing 71,000kms, owner says everything works, new thermocoupler on furnace, sleeps 6, full bath, lots of closet space, cruise control
  • 1985 Terry Taurus 5th wheel trailer, 24ft, awning, sleeps 6, fridge stove microwave, full bath, owner says everything works excpet it has a small leak in the hot water tank, 3 new tires, hauling hitch on rear
  • Edson 8ft truck camper, owner says everything works




  • 2006 Honda Shadow VT750c motorcycle, w/ 750 eng., ODO shows 20276
  • Lund boat & trailer, 14ft, owner says only selling because he never uses it, c/w Jackstand & plug
  • 2008 Kawasaki Brute Force 4x4 quad, w/ V-Twin 650 eng., liquid-cooled, electric start, reverse, front & rear boses, ODO shows 2771
  • 2007 Kawasaki Brute Force 4x4 quad, w/ V-Twin 750 eng., liquid-cooled, electric start, reverse, winch, front & rear boxes, ODO shows 3208
  • 1996 Arctic Cat Thundercat snowmobile, w/ 900 eng., liquid-cooled, std track, ODO shows 6459
  • 1996 Polaris XLT snowmobile, std track, ODO shows 7634, c/w cover

  • 1987 Bombardier off-road vehicle, w/ VW 4 cyl gas eng., 5 spd std trans., ODO shows 33319, front winch, front tow bar
  • Peterborough 16' boat, w/ 75 Chrysler motor, tri-haul, no battery, running this year, gas in it, owner says new spark plugs, c/w 8L gas tank, not registered
  • 1982 Honda XR500 dirt bike, w/ 500cc eng., owner says carb rebuilt

  • 1986 Bluefin boat, 16Ft, 90HP Johnson eng., power trim, open front, walk through windshield, in floor storage, underseat storage, ski bar, 2 rod holders, hummingbird 200DX fish finder, extra prop, 2 fuel tanks, c/w Univision trailer, 15" tires, bearing buddies, owner says runs very good
  • Mariah SHABAH 17ft boat & trailer, 120HP inboard eng., fibreglass, 1995 Chariot Marine trailer & tarp
  • 1980 Vanguard 17ft boat, c/w 1982 Calkin trailer, Johnson 50 HP Outboard motor, Garmin 160C fish finder




  • 2016 Husqvarna Z254 0-turn riding mower, 54", showing 81 hrs, w/ Kawasaki motor, 4 hours on new blades, owner says runs great, does everything it should
  • Woods RM59 3PTH finishing mower, 6', owner says brand new belt
  • 2010 JD LA105 riding mower, w/ 19.5HP B&S eng., 5 spd trans, showing 59 hrs, w/ 42" deck
  • JD L130 automatic riding lawn mower, *trans axle gone
  • Field King ES-300 estate sprayer, w/ 12 volt pump
  • Field King ES-300 estate sprayer, w/ 12 volt pump
  • Poulan Pro riding lawn mower, auto, 19.5HP, 42" cut




  • Shulte XH-1500-53 rough terrain mower, 15ft, PTO drive
  • IH Harvestor 70L 5 bottom plow, trip beam scale
  • Crown rock rake, 11ft, hyd lift, no cylinder, hoses
  • Melro 388 PU
  • Trailtech swather mover
  • Bergen swather mover, owner says wheel bearings all packed, big tires
  • Doepker swather mover
  • 2010 All Power 7500W generator, 13HP 4-cycle OHV air-cooled eng., AVR system, Produces 50 amps at 120V/25 amps at 25V/60Hz, can run up to 9 hrs, 4 - 120V outlets, 1 - 120V twist-lock outlet, 1 - 120V 240 twist-lock outlet, includes wheel kit, EPA and CSA approved, 7500W peak power, 6000W rated power, 5.5gal fuel tank, unleaded gas fuel type, recoil start
  • Master Industries 8' box tilt scraper
  • Land Pride LR1672 3PTH rake, 72"
  • Ford 781B 3PTH blade, 5'
  • 10,000bu grain ring and new tarp plus hardware
  • Miller Big Blue 400D welder, showing 3428hrs, c/w cables, Diesel powered large drill & small stand
  • Crown 6yrd scraper, we have added a beam overtop to strengthen it, hyd lift
  • swather mover
  • Westward 100 estate sprayer, 3pth, hyd drive pump
  • rear mount 10ft poly swath roller, w/12v electric winch
  • Cockshutt 12ft disk, owner says good shape
  • JD fine cut chopper off of 9760 Combine
  • JD 148 FEL w/mounting brackets, to fit JD 4440 tractor
  • 1000 propane tank, 250 PSI on 4 wheeled rubber tired wagon *Norris Will Estate*
  • F12 box scraper, 12ft, unused
  • F10 box scraper, 10ft, unused
  • Farm Fan AB-8B grain dryer, Auto batch dryer, set up for propane, SN 9-8057
  • White 272 tandem disk, 27ft, w/ smooth blades
  • Livestock self feeder
  • Trail Tech swather mover

  • White 24ft tandem disk, 18 inch blades, tandem walking axles inside
  • IH #300 diskers, 32ft, owner says hyd are new
  • Westfield 3HP bin fan
  • Qty of 2, Ramboc NH3 wagon, 16.5L-16.1 tires
  • Bourgault 138 air tank, owner says runs well, spare starter & monitor
  • Hi Capacity dual screen grain cleaner, self loading and unloading augers, c/w extra screens
  • 5½ft rough cut mower
  • Pully for a 9N Ford or any other Ford Tractor
  • Grain Guard 10HP aeration fan, single phase
  • Grain Guard 5 HP inline aeration fan, single phase
  • Tow behind swath roller
  • 100 gal fuel tank, w/ 12V electric pump,




  • Meritor RS-23-160 rear axle, 24,000kms, ratio 4.56
  • Unused 50 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press
  • Unused 10,000lb Heavy Duty Two post auto lift
  • Heavy Duty Tire Changer, 110v 60hz
  • Heavy Duty Wheel Balancer, 110v, 60hz
  • 72” Skid steer grapple bucket w 2 hydraulic cylinders
  • 72” skid steer root rake grapple w/ 2 hydraulic cylinders
  • 86” skid steer hydraulic dozer blade snow pusher
  • 72” tractor rotary tiller w/ 3-pto shaft
  • Heavy Duty Wood chipper w 3Pto shaft
  • Excavator/Backhoe Hydraulic Breaker 4-7ton   c/w: (2) 68mm chisels, hydraulic hoses, Nitrogen cylinder and sealing kit, fit Case, Caterpillar, John Deere etc.
  • (2 pairs)- 72'' Forklift Fork Extension (to sell by pair)
  • (2 pairs)- 20FT Heavy Duty Bi-Parting Wrought Iron Driveway Gate (to sell as one pair)
  • 8Ft x 10Ft Twin Wall Green House
  • 20Ft x 30Ft Heavy Gauge Tunnel Green House c/w: Leno mesh clear tarpaulin, oval shape pipe, 5ft spacing, 10ft ridge height
  • Chicken Plucker w/bottom and sheets 120V/60HZ
  • 40 Gallon 2-stage 9HP Engine Air Compressor
  • 20Ft x 40Ft PVC Fabric Container Roof Shelter
  • 80'' Heavy Duty Multi Drawer Tool Chest Cabinet c/w: 12 drawers, 2 large door cabinets, 2 small door cabinets
  • 10FT Heavy Duty Work Bench with Bamboo Table Top 
  • 130-in Work Station Combo 9-pc Set c/w: (2) lockers, (2) base cabinets, (3)wall cabinets, (1)tool chest, (1) workbench with bamboo table top.
  • 39 Linear Feet Heavy Duty Warehouse Steel Shelving Racks, 6 to a pack
  • 11Ft x 19Ft Single Garage Metal Shed c/w: bi-parting front door and one side door
  • 30Ft x 50Ft x 16Ft Straight Wall Peak Shelter  C/W: commercial fabric, waterproof, UV and Fire Resistant, 13' x 13' drive through door
  • 20Ft x 30Ft x 12Ft Peak Ceiling Storage Shelter  C/W: Commercial fabric, roll up door
  • 20Ft x 40Ft Full Closed Party Tent, C/W: 800 sq.ft, doors, windows, 4 side walls included
  • 10 Ton Digital Floor Scale c/w: 78'' platform
  • Air impact wrench
  • Ratchet Tie Down 2x27
  • Tow strap 3x30
  • Sump pump (1¼hp)
  • Solar welding helmet
  • 4 plastic semi fenders
  • unused 51x51 slide window, triple pane, 4 inch jam
  • used 25x49 triple pane window
  • Unused OASB sheets, 4x10, qty 37 7/16th
  • Bennett Fuel bowser, converted to digital
  • titan 30.5x32 tires
  • 3 Firestone tires, 710-70R42
  • Roll of chainlink fence
  • 15 livestock panels, 10ft
  • Bundles of 10' fence posts, 2 7/8", 50/bundle
  • Bundle of 30' drill stem, 25/ bundle, 2 7/8"
  • Bundle of 30' drill stem, 25/bundle, 3 1/2"
  • Aeration ducting
  • 120gal sliptank
  • 150gal sliptank
  • 135gal sliptank
  • Concave steel swath roller, 8'
  • 4 tractor tires, 18.4x38
  • Diesel generator, owner says mechanics special, engine works, but not generating power
  • Gravity float fuel tank w/ stand, approx 40 gal
  • Gravity float fuel tank w/ stand, approx 150gal
  • Gravity float fuel tank w/ stand, approx 500gal
  • 50 fence posts, 8'x6"
  • Trail Rite swather-mount swath roller
  • Bennett fuel bowser, converted to digital
  • Roll of chainlink fence
  • Qty of freestanding panels
  • Misc iron
  • Qty of belting
  • Steel rack, c/w steel
  • Cattle oiler
  • Keyho 3HP aeration fan
  • 6' FEL bucket
  • Husqvarna backpack blower
  • 2 - Rooftop 30' catwalk, made to mount to side of roof, c/w mounting brackets
  • Sakundiak HD8-1600 auger tube w/ flighting
  • Qty of grain bags, 9'x250

  • Qty of misc unused steel square tubing, round tubing and I-beams
  • 12' fence posts
  • 2 Frost Fighter propane heaters
  • Concrete blocks for propane tanks
  • 4 steel gates
  • 2 Temporary bin rings, 5000bu, w/ tarps & bolts, owner says tarps in great shape
  • Tractor tires, 208R42
  • Concave swath roller, 8'
  • Drill line, 1 1/4", approx 35 meters
  • Combine tire, 30.5x32
  • Freeform MT 2000 swath roller, w/ winch
  • Batt reel for JD header, 24'
  • Aeration kits for a flat bottom bin, 18"
  • 13 used JD deep tillage shanks, will fit a JD DT model 1600, 1610, 610, 680
  • qty of 3, Westeel Inverted U aeration ducts for 18ft bin cone, can be installed in an existing bin without taking the bin off the cone
  • Honda GX390 motor, 13P, never used
  • Champion PTO water pump, 150 PSI, Plus 3-10ft sections of suction hose, owner says works great
  • set of 3 concrete form for 14ft diameter bins, Westeel Rosco
  • Central unloading auger w/motor c/w bin sweep & motor
  • aeration fan w/ natural gas heater
  • 18.4 x 30 tractor tire
  • Firestone tires, outside duals, 20.8R38, tractor tires
  • 20.8x42 radial tractor tires, Qty 4
  • Easy-Clean Gold 4000 pressure washer
  • Qty of 6, grain bin roof vents
  • Inline Aeration fan, 5HP, qty 2
  • Qty of 10 barrels of DMO10W30 oil, 110L Barrells are non refundable. Sold by each
  • Qty of 2 barrels of Dextron 3 oil, 110Lbarrels are non refundable, sold by each
  • 1 barrel of 80W90 oil, 110L, non refundable barrel
  • Qty of 4 barrels of Industrial Hyd oil, 32, 205L, non refundable barrels
  • Grain ring tarps, qty 4
  • Inline 10HP aeration fan , qty 2
  • Inline 7HP aeration fan , qty 1
  • 8x12 garden shed, wired
  • Aeration floor pieces and doors for 6 bins
  • 2 trailer axles

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