Vulcan & District 4H Beef Auction

Online Auction in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

31 Monday
31st May, 2021

Vulcan & District 4H Beef Auction

Online Auction in Vulcan Alberta, Canada

Monday at - 31st May , 2021



Auction Terms & Conditions for Frank McInenly Auction Ltd. 4H Sale Exceptions TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. Frank McInenly Auctions Ltd (Auctioneers) Hereby grants the online account holder or party whose signature appears on the Bidders Registration Agreement (Bidder), the right to use the number shown hereby for the purpose of bidding at an auction sale to be conducted by Auctioneers. Such right is granted at the Auctioneer's sole discretion and may be revoked at nay time. 2. Bidder Acknowledges he or she has received, read and understands these terms as listed and agrees to comply with and be bound by such. 3. 4H Auction - No Buyers Premium Charged - Please make settlement Arrangements Immediately following the Auction - terms are cheques, cash, debit, etransfer - visa and mastercard will be accepted with a admin fee of 3% 4. Bidder Agrees that the price bid is the price per pound live weight. 5. Calves will be insured up to $3500 in value until they are shipped to the processor, buyer understands that insurance will only cover $3500 and amount buyer pays over the value will not be reimbursed should something happen to the animal before it is shipped to be processed. 6. Calves will be kept at respective homes on ration until shipped. 7. All calves will be weighed May 26th or May 27th at the Vulcan Rodeo Grounds - there will be no shrink taken off the gross weight. 8. Successful buyers to contact the office immediately after purchasing 4H Calf in order to give shipping instructions - limited spots are available at Foothills Meat Process and Pure Country Meats. Buy can choose to ship to another processor at their descretion and expense - prior arrangments should be made with the family of the calf you are purchasing. 9. Frank McInenly Auctions does not charge a buyers or sellers fee for 4H sale. 10. Buyer agrees that the bid button is a legal binding contract to purchase the said item at the quantity described. Buyers please call the office if you are unclear on any information we have provided.


Vulcan & District 4H Beef Sale Selling 4H Calves For Arrowwood, Lomond, Champion & Gladys Sale Order Will Be Arrowwood, Lomond, Champion & Gladys **Calf Weights and Final Sale Order Will Be Posted Friday May 28th Prior to the Sale Opening There will be No Buyers Premium Charged - Prices Bid are Per Pound - Live Weight. Calves will be weighed and inspected at the Vulcan Rodeo Grounds - May 26th & 27th. Weight Will be Quantity x Dollar Amount Bid. All Calves Purchased are Insured up to $3500 in Value Until They Go To Slaughter - Cattle will be transported to Processors and Buyers Will Be Notified For Cutting Arrangments. Please contact the office immediately to inform us of your shipping instructions - Calves will be shipped to Pure Country Meats or Foothills Meat Processors - Limited Spots Available At Each Processor so please call to confirm where you calf is going - 403-485-2440 or 403-485-2616 All Catte to be paid for within 24 Hours of Sale Closing.



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