Heaven's Edge

Farm Land Auction in , Alberta, Canada

15 Friday
15th May, 2020 12:00 PM

Heaven's Edge

Farm Land Auction in Grovedale Alberta, Canada

Friday at - 15th May , 2020


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Heaven’s Edge is that half-section of land that embodies everything foreigners envision when they dream of our Western Canadian landscape.  Three hundred and thirteen acres of nature on the edge of hundreds of miles of crown land to the south and thousands of acres of fertile farm and ranch land to the north.

Location is key.  One half an hour to the major urban center of Grande Prairie, Alberta, but more importantly, located in the growing and vibrant community of Grovedale.  Allow your kids to know the feeling that comes with growing up in small-town Alberta, while still enjoying all the big city amenities.  The hamlet is only twelve miles to the northeast and has a school, post office and recreational center.  Small-town Alberta with ball tournaments, community events in the Hall, a ski hill, general store and a local fair that rivals any state fair in the Midwestern USA.     

When people speak of living ‘south of the river’, it comes with an identity few ever experience in life.   If you work south of the Wapiti River and cherish spending time with your family ahead of being caught in traffic every evening, this is a property you will need to view.  Head out from your doorstep on your snowmobile or ATV into the Bald Mountain Creek area.  Where a day trip to the Rocky Mountains enjoying Kakwa Falls or Two Lakes is a leisurely Sunday drive.  If you're a hunter, there is no need to leave home.   Deer, moose and elk are all nearby.  

Parcel 1, being the east quarter section, is akin to that majestic old grown forest tree.  Leave it ‘as is’ with its mix of open hay land and natural woodlot, or carve it into whatever you can dream.  Much of the quarter could be opened up if you so desire, including opportunities for organic farming as no chemicals have been used in the past.  This is by no means marginal land -  the majority of the entire half-section is Class 3 highly fertile soil.

If you plan on viewing Parcel 2, being the west quarter, you may as well book your appointment with your personal mortgage broker in advance.  This quarter section is quite simply ‘paradise on the outer edge’.  Park your Husky taildragger aeroplane in the 1,570 sq ft hanger just off the private airstrip.   When you tour the ranch yard, you will find a spacious 14-year-old ranch-style residence with 1,120 sq ft on the main floor and another 420 sq ft in the loft.  The ranch yard also includes an 1,120 sq ft shop, 414 sq ft machine shed and corrals.  To view the house and farmyard please contact CLHbid.com at 780-532-5931.

Heaven’s Edge is being sold by CLHbid.com by way of online electronic tender.   Starting Bids are a fraction of the replacement cost of the property and are significantly below a recent appraisal.  Don't miss a potential opportunity of a lifetime.

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