Auction in Olds Alberta, Canada

29 Saturday
February 29th, 2020 10:00 AM
Rosehill Auction Service Ltd.
Phone: 403-556-3655


Auction in Olds Alberta, Canada

Saturday at - 29th February , 2020



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Winchester Model 1903 .22 cal Semi Auto Rifle, Rear Tube Magazine, sn: 23140

Side by Side 12ga Shotgun. Belgium, stamped "Merque de Fabrique PM Deposee"

Savage Model 1899 .25-35 Lever Action Rifle, sn: 72417

.303 cal Bolt Action Rifle, sn: 622628, Lee Enfield P14 ERA

Cooey .22 cal Single Shot Bolt Action Rifle

(2) Gun Cleaning Kits & (2) Rods

(60) Rounds of 7mm Rem Mag Ammo & 11 Brass

260 Rounds of .223 FMJ Ammo

130 Rounds of .223 Jacketed Hollow Point & 20 Rounds .223 bullets

Assortment of .223 Brass

Approx. 1000 Rounds of .22 Ammo

.223 Dies & Reloading Supplies

Bausch & Lomb 2.5 X 10 X 40 Scope & Various Scope Rings

German .303 WW II Bolt Action Rifle, Swastika Stamped,sn: AK4039, **NO MAGAZINE**

1939 Mosin-Nagant Bolt Action Rifle. 7.62 Cal. S/N XE4239

1906 German Mauser 7.92x57mm Bolt Action Rifle. S/N AQ1834 **NO MAGAZINE**

1942 Mosin-Nagant 7.62 Bolt Action Rifle. S/N 35232

"Unknown Make" Italian .44 Cal Cap and Ball Black Powder Revolver. S/n 58843 **Restricted**

1900 Iver Johnson Double Action .22mm Revolver. S/N 10179 **Prohibited**

Hy Hunter Frontier .22 Cal 6 Shot Revolver. S/N 15109 **Restricted**

Walther Model P38 9mm Semi Auto Pistol. S/N 2289E 124mm Barrel. ** Restricted**

Harrington & Richardson Camper Model 922 .22 Cal Revolver S/N N50427, 152mm Barrel. **Restricted**

Steyr Model 1911 Semi Auto 9mm Pistol. S/N 3603C. 127mm Barrel. **Restricted** 

Herbert Schmidt Single Action .22 LR Revolver. S/N 339082. 120mm Barrel. **Restricted**

Husquvarna Browning Model 1903 9mm Semi Auto Pistol. S/N 84264. 127mm Barrel. **Restricted**

Walther P38 .38 Cal Pistol. S/N 5378F **Prohibited**

H&R Top Break .32 Cal Revolver. S/N 71284. 83mm Barrel. **Prohibited**

H&R Model 922 .22 LR Revolver. S/N P22959 101mm Barrel. **Prohibited**

Smith & Wesson New Century .455 Cal Revolver. S/N 29446. 165mm Barrel. **Restricted**

Enfield No.2 MK1 .38 Cal S&W Revolver. S/N C6243. 127mm Barrel **Restricted**

H&R Model 922 Camper .22 Cal Revolver. S/N M68243. 102mm Barrel. **Prohibited**

Walther P38 9mm Semi Auto Pistol. S/N 5500V. 124mm Barrel. **Restrcted**

Echasa Panzer .22 Cal Pistol. S/N 117mm Barrel. **Restricted**

BYF Luger P08 1942 9mm Semi Auto Pistol. S/N 9717L. 102mm Barrel. **Prohibited**

Iver Johnson .32 Cal Revolver. 152mm Barrel. **Prohibited**

Savage Model 1907 7.65mm Semi Auto Pistol. S/N 188079. 95mm Barrel. **Prohibited**

S&W 38 M&P Victory Model .38 spl Revolver. S/N V538717. 94423. 127mm Barrel. ** Restricted**

Italian 10.35mm Revolver. S/N AS2645. 115mm Barrel. **Restricted**

Pedersoli Colt 1861 New Navy Reproduction .36 Cal Black Powder Pistol. 190mm Barrel **Restricted**

Colt New Army .41 Cal. Revolver Pistol. S/N 189428. 152mm Barrel. **Restricted**

Hopkins & Allen XL Double Action .22 Cal Revolver. S/N 4655. 152mm Barrel. **Restricted**

Husquvarna 1903 M07 Browning 9mm Semi Auto Pistol. 127mm Barrel. **Restricted**

Iver Johnson Top Break Safety Hammerless Auto.32 Revolver. S/N L17422. 76mm Barrel. ** Prohibited**

Iver Johnson Top Break Safety Hammerless .38 S&W Revolver. 83mm Barrel. **Prohibited**

Smith & Wesson 1917 Hand Ejector .45 Cal Revolver. S/N 209618. 2316. 140mm Barrel. **Restricted**

Echasa Basque .380 Cal . Semi Auto Pistol. S/N 95629. 79mm Barrel. **Prohibited**

CZ Model 1927 7.65mm Semi Auto Pistol. S/N 184321. 99mm Barrel. **Prohibited**

H&R Top Break .32mm Revolver. S/N D14639. 83mm Barrel. **Prohibited**

Colt Police Positive .38 Cal Revolver. S/N 1533966. 101mm Barrel. **Prohibited**

Crossman Model 38C. .22 Cal Pellet Pistol.

Marksman Repeater .177 Cal Pellet Pistol.

Iver Johnson Safety Hammerless Auto .32 Cal Revolver. S/N U26664. 76mm Barrel. **Prohibited**

Colt Police Positive Special .38 spl Revolver. S/N 655061. 102mm Barrel **Prohibited**

Iver Johnson Target Sealed 8 .22 Cal Revolver. S/N M97396 152mm Barrel. **Restricted**

H&R Hunter .22 Cal Revolver. S/N 152503. 254mm Barrel. **Restricted**

Iver Johnson Top Break .38 Cal Revolver. S/N 51622. 80mm Barrel. **Prohibited**

Uberti New Navy Model 1861 Black Powder Pistol. S/N N1003. 190mm Barrel. **Restricted**

(43) Rnds of .223 Rem Ammo

(750) Rnds of .22 LR & .22 Shorts Ammo.

(95) Rnds of .45 Auto, (9) Speed Loaders, (50) Rnds of 9mm Ammo & (2) .45 Mags

Assorted Holsters

Assorted Brass & .303 Rnds

Assorted Stocks, Fore Ends & Pistol Grips.

Hi-Standard Model -GD .22 LR Semi Auto Pistol S/N 330234 w/ Holster & Wood Case. **Restricted**