Farm Auction in Camrose Alberta, Canada

10 Tuesday
July 10th, 2018 11:00 AM
Doug Johnson Auction Service Ltd.
Phone: 780-672-1105


Farm Auction in Camrose Alberta, Canada

Tuesday at - 10th July , 2018



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Auction Items For Sale

LOCATED: From Camrose, go 11 km east on Hwy 26, then 6.4 km north on Hwy 834, then 0.4 km west on Twp Rd 474, or from Round Hill, go 9.6 km south on Hwy 834, then 0.4 km west on Twp Rd 474.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Kjell Andersson at 780-679-7291

Previewing starts Tuesday, July 3rd up to sale day.  Previewing times: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. The equipment is in varying states of condition.  Please do your own inspections.


-Case IH 9370 4WD w/ 20.8R42 duals, showing 4456 hrs, 4 hyd plus return, stand trans, SN JEE0072697

-Versatile 895 4WD w/ 20.8x38 duals, showing 5847 hrs, 4 hyd, stand trans, SN 091559

-John Deere 7400 MFWD w/ JD 740 loader, bucket & grapple, 3pt hitch, 2 hyd, SN RW7400H004412

-John Deere 4650 2WD w/ 20.8x38 duals, quad trans, 3 hyd, SN RW4650H0061659

-John Deere 4430 2WD w/ 18.4x38 sgls, quad trans, 2 hyd, SN 4430H 015096R

-John Deere 4020 2WD w/ JD 46A loader & bale fork, SN 4020 2 2T67932

-John Deere 4020 2WD, SN T223P146141R

-Fordson Dexta 2WD, 3pt hitch, gas, SN 09B712699

-John Deere 675B skid steer, 7’ bucket, showing 3915 hrs, SN M0675BA595141

-Volvo V2 four wheel loader, gas, SN V2-0099-N


-2005 John Deere 9860 STS w/ JD 914P header, rear wheel assist, showing 2156 sep / 3216 eng hrs, 30.5LR32 fronts, There was a new JD reman eng installed in 2012, SN H09860S711058

-John Deere 9600 w/ JD 914 header, showing 3587 sep / 5236 eng hrs, Crary chaff spreader, crop catcher, SN H09600K637212

-John Deere 8820, SN M08820X600228

-John Deere 930 straight cut header, PU reel, sgl point hook-up, SN H00930R651409

-30’ header transport

-25’ Premier 2900 SP swather, 960 header, showing 3069 hrs, SN 90597

-24.5’ IH 4000 SP swather, UII PU reel, SN 1310083C007381


-60’ Spray Coupe 3640 SP sprayer, showing 2977 hrs, DeKoning dividers, 300 gal, 5 spd stand, Melroe rate controller, 12.4-24 rears, Outback light bar, SN 207911142


-52’ Flexicoil 800 cult, sgl chute air pkg, 9” spacing, 4 bar harrows

-42’ Flexicoil 800 cult, sgl chute air pkg, 12” spacing, 4 bar harrows

-Flexicoil 2320 air tank

-Flexicoil 1720 air tank

-Flexicoil 1610 Plus air tank w/ Kohler CH205 motor

-16’ HD land roller, 40” drum

-60’ Flexicoil Sys 95 harrow / packer

-70’ Harmon harrows & drawbar

-41’ Friggstad 33-31 DT cult w/ 4 bar harrows

-12’ Athens 130 disc


-12’ NH 499 hydraswing haybine, SN 544077

-NH 900 forage harvestor w/ Metal Alert II, SN 739746

-Highline Bale Pro 7000 HD bale processor, LH discharge, SN BPHD001311

-Case 3650 rd baler

-Henke B2379 SA feed wagon, LH discharge, 3 auger, digital scale readout, SN 2483

-NH 1044 PT bale wagon

-Crawfords silage hi-dump

-MF 12 square baler

-Killbery SA manure spreader


-FarmKing 13”x70’ mechanical swing auger, SN 9190528

-Westfield MK 100-61 10”x61’ swing auger

-Westfield 10”x50’ swing auger

-FarmKing 10”x50’ swing auger

-Westfield 8”x51’ PTO auger

-Sakundiak 8”x41’ PTO auger; Sakundiak 7”x41’ w/ 16hp Kohler; Brandt 7”

-Two Midwest grain vacs


-Wheatland 1620E hopper bin, 4000 bu+/-, dbl skid

-Goebel 15’ w/ Miller hopper, 2800 bu+/-, skid

-Two Chigwell 14610E hopper bins, 1750 bu+/-, skids

-Wheatlend 1215E hopper bin, 1768 bu+/-, skid

-Wheatland 1212 hopper bin, 1480 bu+/-, skid

-Taylor 14’ hopper bin, 1840 bu+/-, skid

-Westeel 14’x5 ring on Miller hopper, 1800 bu+/-, skid

-Six Twister 14’x5 ring, 2000 bu+/-, wood

-Twister 14’x6 ring, 2300 bu+/-, wood

-Two Westeel 14’x6 ring, 2000 bu+/-, wood

-Six Westeel 14’x5 ring, 1650 bu+/-, wood

-Chief 5 ring, 3300 bu+/-, concrete

-Two Butler 14’x4 ring, 2000 bu+/-, wood

-Butler 14’x3 ring, 1500 bu+/-, wood


-5’ Buhler FarmKing 3pt finishing mower