AgIron Mt. Pleasant Event

Farm Auction in 2245 East Bluegrass Road Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, United States

22 Thursday
22nd August, 2019 9:00 AM

AgIron Mt. Pleasant Event

Farm Auction in 2245 East Bluegrass Road Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641, Mt. Pleasant Iowa, United States

Thursday at - 22nd August , 2019


TERMS & CONDITIONS All items sold AS IS WHERE IS. Payment (Cash or Check) must be made sale day before removal of items. Announcements made sale day take precedence over all previous advertising. Titles (if any) will be mailed to buyers within two weeks of auction date. A document fee of $35 applies to all titled vehicles.  

International buyers please check your importing regulations prior to bidding. Real Estate terms and conditions will vary per auction.    



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Scott Steffes ND81 & MN14-51

Bob Steffes ND82 & MN14-09

Brad Olstad ND319 & MN14-70

Clark Sather ND463 & MN54-05      


Scott Steffes, Broker

Rodney Steffes, Licensed Sales Associate

Geri Paul, Licensed Sales Associate

Ashley Huhn, Licensed Sales Associate    


Steffes Auctioneers Inc

24400 MN Highway 22 South

Litchfield, MN 55355

Phone: (320) 693-9371(320) 693-9371  

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Eric Gabrielson, MN47-006, ND890

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Randy Kath, MN47-001, ND894


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Auction Items For Sale

Please join us for this multi ring equipment auction with both live onsite and online bidding available. There is still time to consign! For information contact 319.385.2000.

Fall AgIron Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

Machinery Consignment Auction


Ring #1 - Starts at 10AM < Click Here > for Ring #1 Online Catalog 
Ring #2 - Starts at 9:30AM < Click Here > for Ring #2 Online Catalog

Rings #3 & 4 Start at 9AM on Tools, Smalls & Parts


AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Please join us for this multi ring equipment auction with both live onsite and online bidding available. Loading assistance will be available after 2:00PM on sale day.  Cars and pickups may enter the grounds at 12:00 Noon for self-loading. Registration, terms, and details at Equipment must be removed by Friday, August 30, 2019, unless other arrangements are made.  Contact auctioneers for owner information, new consignments or changes at 319.385.2000. 

TERMS: All items sold as is where is. Payment of cash, check or credit card must be made sale day before removal of items. Statements made auction day take precedence over all advertising. $35 documentation fee applies to all titled vehicles. Titles will be mailed. IA Sales Tax laws apply. Canadian buyers need a bank letter of credit to facilitate border transfer.



Consigned is this Retirement line from – BR Poole – Pool Farms, Stockport, IA – 641.919.4996


2012 Case-IH Magnum 235, 1,740 hrs., MFWD, powershift, deluxe cab, red leather seat, 4 hyd., power beyond, 3 pt., quick hitch, 540/1000/Lg. 1000 PTO, instructional seat, radio, diff. lock, 360 light package, 12 front suitcase weights, (2) 500 lb. rear inner weights, guidance complete, 372 receiver, AFS Pro 700 display with Omni Star RTK, 480/80R46 rear duals, 380/85R34 front duals, S/N ZBRD08222 (1 owner unit)

2010 Case-IH Magnum 275, 1,315 hrs., MFWD, powershift, cab, instructional seat, 4 hyd., power beyond, 3 pt., quick hitch, 540/1000/Lg. 1000 PTO, radio, diff. lock, (2) 1,000 lb. rear inner weights, guidance complete, 262 receiver,  AFS Pro 700 display w/ unlocks for spraying, Firestone 480/80R46 rear duals, Firestone 380/85R34 front duals, S/N ZARZ02880 (1 owner unit)



2013 Case-IH 7130, 845 sep./1,095 eng. hrs., PRWD, Axial Flow, 2 speed hydro, Field Tracker, rock trap, 2 speed feeder chopper house, spreader, power fold hopper ext., red leather seat, instructional seat, Firestone 520/85R42 duals, Firestone 600/65R28 rears, S/N YCG09008

2013 Case-IH 3020 Terra Flex, flex head, 30', hyd. fore/aft, single point hook-ups, full fingered, Crary air reel, header controls, S/N YDH220006

2011 Case-IH 3208, corn head, 8x30", single point hook-ups, Field Tracker, head height, auto steer, stalk stompers, S/N YAS022504

Unverferth HT30, head trailer, 30', 22.5x8.0-12 tires, S/N A57240586

Shopbuilt head trailer, 6x30", on Kewanee gear



2002 Brent 420, grain cart, LH unload, 1000 PTO, 20.8-38 tires, S/N B1634194

2014 Brent 657, gravity flow, LH chute, chute light, roll tarp, fenders, lights, brakes, sight glass hubs, 425/65R22.5 tires, S/N B32590101

2012 Brent 644, gravity flow, LH chute, chute light, roll tarp, fenders, lights, brakes, 425/65R22.5 tires, S/N B29820114

2007 Brent 644, gravity flow, LH chute, chute light, roll tarp, lights, brakes, 425/65R22.5 tires, S/N B23220152

2006 Brent 644, gravity wagon, LH chute, chute light, roll tarp, lights, brakes, M844 tires, S/N B22470166



Eversman 750, scraper, 8 yd., hyd. dump, dolly wheel, S/N 1003

International 496, disc, 22', pull type, tandems on main, singles on wings, 3-bar coil tine harrow


Feterl, truck auger, 8"x20', 5 hp. elec. motor

Mayrath, swing hopper, 10"x72', 540 PTO, hyd. walker hopper, hyd. lift

, swing hopper, 10"x71', hyd. lift, P205/75R15 tires

Westfield 80-16, swing hopper, 540 PTO, mechanical drive, hyd. lift, S/N 95975



Consigned from the Bill Wilson Estate


Planter & Drill

John Deere 7000, planter, 6x30”, no-till coulters, double disc openers, seed firmers, rubber closing wheels & drag chains, insecticide boxes, (3) 70 gal. liquid fertilizer tanks, squeeze pump, markers

John Deere 14-7B, drill, 8’, grass seed attachment, single disc openers, hyd. lift, 9.5L-15 tires, S/N 002140N

Tractors & Combine

1980 Ford TW-30, 3,837 hrs., 2WD, 8 speed, cab, 2 hyd., missing 3 pt. arms, 1000 PTO, AM/FM/Cassette radio, (12) front weights, (2) inner rear wheel weights, 18.4-16.1 fronts, 20.8-38 hub mount duals, S/N 654894

1978 Steiger BCIII PT225, hrs. unknown, 4WD, 20 speed, 3 hyd. 3 pt., quick hitch, (no PTO), 18.4-38 clamp on duals, S/N 141-00166

1977 Ford 9700, 6,637 hrs., 2WD, 8 speed, cab, 2 hyd., 3 pt., (missing top link), 1000 PTO, AM/FM radio, (12) front weights, (2) inner rear wheel weights, 11-16 fronts, 18.438 hub mount duals, S/N C544320

1976 IH 4568, 4,776 hrs., 4WD, Cummins diesel, 10 speed, 3 hyd., 3 pt., (missing top link), (no PTO), AM/FM/Cassette radio, 18.4-38 hub mount duals, 30.5L-32 inners/outers, S/N 2980002V008617X

1993 John Deere 9500, 5,346 hrs., 2WD, cab, instructional seat, chopper spreader, AM/FM/Cassette radio, 30.5-32 fronts, 14.9-24 rears, S/N H09500X651681

Dozer & Box Scraper 

Caterpillar D7, dozer, powershift, ROPS, 11’ blade, 22” tracks, w/ Hyster D7K winch, S/N 94N27432

Box Scraper, 10’, pull type, hyd. lift, weight box, 15” tires


Head & Head Trailer

John Deere 920, grain platform, 20’, hyd. fore/aft, S/N H00920F677105

John Deere 643, corn head, 6x30”, S/N 28356

Harvest Hand, single axle head trailer, 20’, tricycle front, P225/70R15 tires

Grain Carts

Unverferth GC4900, grain cart, 1000 PTO, LH unload, 23.1-26 tires

Brent 420, grain cart, LH unload, 1000 PTO, 20.8-38 tires, S/N B17-870-124


M&W Earthmaster 1475, ripper, 7 shank, w/ leveler, 10-15SL tires, S/N 13745

Hiniker, field cultivator, 27’, flat fold, 3 bar harrow, 9.5-15 tires, duals on main, singles on wings

White 588, chisel plow, semi-mount, hyd. adjust, S/N 05147

John Deere, rotary hoe, 21 ½’, 3 pt.



2008 John Deere 7730, 6,890 hrs., MFWD, 20 speed, cab, 3 hyd., 3 pt., 540/1000 PTO,  auto quad, w/ LH reverser, 32 GPM, hyd. pump, mid-mount couplers, joystick controls, front grill guard, front fenders, loader mounts, Delphi Radio, Green Star Ready, diff. lock, (2) pair of rear wheel weights, (NO LOADER), 380/85R30 fronts, 480/80R42 rears, S/N RW7730A013273

2012 John Deere 6430, 5,958 hrs., MFWD, 24 spd. powerquad, cab, 2 hyd., power beyond, 3 pt., 540/1000 PTO, LH reverser, foot throttle, LH/RH doors, front fenders, grill guard, full wrap fenders, 460/85R30 rears, 380/85R24 fronts, S/N 1L06430GJCG739717 (1 owner)
1983 Deutz DX160
, 8,090 hrs., MFWD, cab, 3 hyd., 3 pt., quick hitch, 1000 PTO, AM/FM cassette, 17 front weights, 520/85R38 clamp on duals, 420/85R28 fronts, S/N 7443-0018

Deutz DX160 MFWD, duals



1982 John Deere 2940, 4,791 hrs., 2WD, cab, 2 hyd., 3 pt., 540/1000 PTO, sells w/John Deere 148 loader & 7' bucket, 18.4-34 rears, (hyd. valve rebuilt)

1977 John Deere 4630, 6,500 hrs., 2WD, powershift, cab, 3 hyd., 3 pt., 1000 PTO, inner cooler, oil cooler, fluid filled rear tires, 18.4-38 rears, 11.00-16 fronts, S/N 4630P030805R (4,500 hrs. on engine)

John Deere 2010, gas

1979 Deutz DX90, 6,979 hrs., 2WD, cab, 2 hyd., 3 pt., 540/1000 PTO, 3 pt. bale mover end loader, 18.4-34 rears, S/N 76181115 (DOES NOT RUN)

1973 International 1066, 8,318 hrs., 2WD, Hiniker cab, 2 hyd., 3 pt. w/ top link, WF, front weight bracket, 9 bolt hubs/no duals, 18.4-38 rears, S/N 10172U026970

International 766, 9,254 hrs., diesel, open station, 2 hyd., 540/1000 PTO, WF, flat top fenders, fast hitch w/ independent drawbar, 18.4-34 tires, S/N 2490181U009338     

1970 Farmall 656, 2WD, shows 8,252 hrs., diesel, hydro static, open station, 2 pt., 540 PTO, 14x38 tires, S/N 34814

1966 Farmall 806, 2WD, diesel, open station, 1 hyd., 2 pt., 540/1000 PTO, wheel weights, 18.4/34 tires, S/N 6549S-Y

1965 Farmall 706LP, 2WD, WF, flat top fenders, 56 series shifter update, fast hitch w/ independent drawbar, after market steps, (older restoration), sells w/ Westendorf TA20 loader w/ joystick control & quick tach 84" bucket, 18.4-34 tires, S/N 27553 S-Y

Massey Ferguson 1155, 2WD, 4 spd., cab, 2 hyd., 3 pt., 540 PTO, 18.4-38 rear duals

Massey Ferguson 850, unknown hrs., 2WD, diesel

White 2-105, shows 266 hrs., 2WD, 2 hyd., 3 pt., 540 PTO, 18.4-38 rears, 11L-15 fronts 



1947 Case VAI Industrial, live hyd. pump, (repainted), (3) new tires

Farmall Super A, 540 PTO, sells w/ 60" belly mower

Farmall Super C, 2 pt., quick hitch, WF, PTO, 12 volt conversion

John Deere A, gas, 1 hyd., 3 pt. lift shaft, (no arms or 3rd link), 540 PTO, slant dash, NF, rebuilt carburetor, (older restoration), (new) 12.4-38 tires

Ford 8N, 3 pt., 540 PTO, sells w/ loader, (DOES NOT RUN)

Ford 8N, 5 speed. 3pt. missing top link, 540 PTO, (DOES NOT RUN)



2001 Case-IH 2388, 2,923 sep./4,203 eng. hrs., PRWD, Axial Flow, Field Tracker, J&M hopper topper, chopper, rear spreader, AFS Harvest Systems monitor w/ GPS 1100 receiver, LED lighting, 30.5L-32 fronts, 600/65R28 rears, S/N JJ00268921

1988 John Deere 6620 Titan II, 2,725 hrs., rock trap, chopper/spreader, 24.5-32 tires, S/N H06620X625575

1982 John Deere 7720 Turbo, 5,665 hrs., 2WD, chopper, 30.5-32 fronts, 14.9-24 rears, S/N 512345

1981 John Deere 7720 Turbo, 5,906 hrs., rock trap, chopper/spreader, yellow top, 24.5-32 tires, S/N 462677

1982 John Deere 6620 Turbo, shows 4,815 hrs., 2WD, S/N 504524 (tach does not work, owner states approx. 5,100 hrs.)

1980 John Deere 6620 Turbo, 2,404 hrs., 2WD, 2,404 hrs. on engine overhaul, S/N 403675

John Deere 6600, 3,859 hrs., 2WD, chopper, 23.1-26 tires, S/N 206624H

Case-IH 1460, 4,697 hrs., 2WD, (engine overhaul)

Case-IH 2188 Axial Flow, 2WD, 4,715 hrs., field tracker, chopper, dual spreader, 14.9-24 rears, 30.5L-32 fronts, S/N JJC0194577

John Deere 660, 2WD, 5,133 hrs., hydrostatic, chopper, 23.1-26 fronts, 11.00-16 rears



2003 Case-IH 1020, 25', hyd. fore/aft, full fingered, Field Tracker, (owner states new bushings in reel)

2006 Case-IH 1020, 20', hyd. fore/aft, steel snouts, lights, S/N CBJ029078

Case-IH 1020, 17 1/2'

New Holland 74C, 30', w/ double drive SCH cutter bar, sells w/ spare cutter bar sickle kit, (low acres), S/N PNL02359

John Deere 220, 20', hyd. lift, poly fingers
John Deere 220
, 20’

John Deere 216, 16', 3" sickle

Massey Ferguson 8200, 25', electric fore/aft, single point hook-ups, full fingered, S/N HTW8430

Massey Ferguson 8200, 20', hyd. fore/aft, single point hook-ups, poly snouts, lights, S/N AGCM8220ADHW08164

Massey Ferguson 1144, 12'

2010 Case-IH 2030, 30', hyd. fore/aft, single point hook-ups, full fingered, 45 degree Crary air reel, field tracker, sensors, extra sicke bar (in frame), sells w/ control switch, S/N 7B2L57247

John Deere 635F HydraFlex, hyd. fore/aft, single point hook-ups, full fingered, stubble lights, poly snouts, lights, S/N H00635F721729

Case-IH 1020, hyd. fore/aft, poly snouts, 3" sickle & extra sicke, S/N JJC0315037



2007 Drago Series One, corn head, 12x30", fits Flagship Case-IH, head site, stalk stompers, Roll-A-Cones

John Deere 643, corn head, 6x30", outer poly snouts

John Deere 643, corn head, 6x30", tin snouts

Massey Ferguson 1144, 6x30", walker

Massey Ferguson 1144, 4x38", w/ down corn reel, (some tin work missing)

Case-IH 963, corn head, 6 row

Geringhoff Rota-Disc, corn head, 8x30", single point hook-ups, JD mounts, dual PTOs, lights, green poly snouts, header height control, S/N 90598830/B

John Deere 444, corn head, 4 row, S/N 131708



P-K Mfg., single axle, 25', gooseneck style, 7.60-16SL tires

Move Master, 20’, running gear style, 20.5x8-10 tires

Unverferth HT-30, wagon gear style, 30', extendable tongue, 22.5x8-12 tires S/N A53630473

EZ Trail 680, 20', extendable tongue, 20x8.0-10



1996 John Deere 750C, 6,900 hrs., LGP dozer, diesel, cab, 10' 6" blade, powershift transmission w/ 1997 updates, heat, rear aux. hyd., S/N T0750CX811713

1995 Hitachi EX200LC-3, 10,860 hrs., excavator S/N 14C-81017
Ditch Witch R40
, trencher, diesel

P&H, welder on trailer



John Deere 650, scraper

Kewanee, blade, 7', 3 pt., manual angle

Kewanee, blade 8', 3 pt.

Blade, 7', 3 pt.

Kewanee, rear blade, 8', quick hitch

Rhino, blade, 3 pt. mount, hydro 2 way, 7', S/N 024938



Bobcat T250, 3,000 hrs., track skid steer, cab, heat, A/C, aux. hyd., sells w/ material bucket

New Holland L553, 4,484 hrs., skid steer, material bucket, aux. hyd., 6 rear counter weights, 10-16.5 tires, S/N 813253 (NEEDS MOTOR WORK, DOES NOT RUN)

Case 1818, 2,670 hrs., 42" bucket, 5.90-15SL, S/N 17765734



Hawz, rock & brush grapple, 68", 3" spacing

Hawz, rock & brush grapple, 74", 3" spacing

Hawz, rock & brush grapple, 78", 3" tine spacing

Hawz, rock & brush grapple, 84", 3" tine spacing

Hawz, rock bucket, 68", 3" tine spacing

Hawz, rock bucket, 74", 3" tine spacing

Hawz, rock bucket, 78", 3" tine spacing

Hawz, rock bucket, 84", 3" tine spacing

Hawz, rock grapple, 72", 6" tine spacing

Hawz, rock grapple, 84", 6" tine spacing

(2) Hawz tree & post puller

Hawz, brush mower, 72", HD, standard flow

(4) Hawz, universal attach plates weld on

(2) Pair, pallet fork extensions

(2) Hawz, receiver hitch trailer movers

Lowe 750, hyd. auger, 12"

Stout 66-9 brush grapple

Stout HD 72-8 brush grapple

Stout XHD 84-6 brush grapple

Stout HD 72-FB grapple bucket

Stout HD 72-3 rock bucket grapple

Stout material bucket, 84", double-cut edge

Stout tree & post puller

Stout bale spear round

John Deere MP78, 4-1 bucket, 78"

Pallet forks

Bale spike

Fork truck man lift basket

Backhoe attachment, 3 pt.

Pallet forks, 3 pt. mount

Tractor Supply, post hole auger, 9" auger bit, 3 pt., 540 PTO

3 pt. bale mover

Dan Houser, post hole digger, 3 pt., 540 PTO, 12" auger

Pow Dozer, dozer blade, 8', 6-way

Snap Tach, loader, w/ travel locks, 18" tines on bucket, hyd. hookups



IH Cyclo-Air 800, 6x30", pull type, liquid tanks

International 800 Cyclo, 4x38", markers

John Deere 290, 2 row

John Deere 7000, 4x36", no-till coulters, insecticide boxes, markers, (no monitor) 



Great Plains 2N2410, drill, 24', 8" spacing, hyd. rear fold, pull type, tri-fold row markers, Solid Stands, no-till coulters, dual disc separators, rubber wheel frimer, S/N GP-01701 

John Deere Van Brunt, drill, 8 1/2', grass seed attachment

John Deere Van Brunt, drill, 16', 7" spacing

John Deere Van Brunt, drill, 10', 7.50-16 tires

John Deere 8200, drill, no cylinder, 7.50-20 tires, S/N 027656



Summers, land roller, 30'



2012 Landoll 2211-11, disc chisel, 11 shank, walking tandems, S/N 22G1200276 (less than 500 acres on the unit)

Sunflower 4412, disc ripper, 7 shank, pull type, lights, hyd. adj. front independent discs, hyd. adj. rear sectional disc gangs w/ hyd. wings, walking tandems, 12.5L-15 tires, S/N AGCS44120AZ40000307

Sunflower 4010, disc ripper, 5 shank, 30", 2 1/2" pts., shank guard, C-Flex hyd. adj. disk gang, 12.5L-15SL tires, S/N 4098-048

Gray, chisel plow, 10', pull type

IH, field cultivator, 22', pull type, wing fold

John Deere 1000, field cultivator, 28'

Krause, disc, 18', hyd. fold

John Deere, disc, 14', S/N 020698B

Disc, 12'

Harrowgator, 26'

Harrow, 24', pull type

(2) Yetter 3415, rotary hoe, 15', 3 pt.

John Deere, plow, 5 bottom, 2 pt.

Allis Chalmers 2000, plow

Ford, plow, 2 bottom, 3 pt.

IH 3-14, plow, fast hitch mount

Allis Chalmers, disc, 12', back scrapers, no hyd. cylinders, P235/75R15 tires

Gates Magnum, harrow, 5 section, hyd. tine angle adjustment, 14L-16.1SL tires, S/N 1080948

IH 496, disc, 20', 7.5" spacing, hyd. wings w/ single wheel, tandem wheels on main frame, adjustable tongue, w/ 18" blades

John Deere 400, rotary hoe, 30', 3 pt., 2 pt. tow, P175/65R15 tires, S/N 033056

Dunhan Lehr, harowgator, 18', no hyd. cylinder

John Deere, disc, 22.5', hyd. wing & height adjust, S/N A00235G017084

Oliver 566, plow, 5 bottom, semi-mount


Red Ball 680, pull-type sprayer, 90' boom, 1,600 gal. tank, rinse tank, 5 sec. shut-offs, Raven controls, hyd. drive pump, duals, (CONTROLS IN OFFICE)

Sprayer Specialties 720, 60' boom, 720 gal., MT-3405F II monitor
Spot pull type sprayer, 450 gal. SS tank, 540 PTO pump, hand wand sprayer w/ hose

Schaben 8500, pull-type sprayer, 80' boom, 1,250 gal. poly tank, hyd. control, foamer, auto shut-offs, EZ Boom, hyd. pump, rinse tank, monitor

Ag Chem, pull-type sprayer, 40' boom, 500 gal. tank, 2.5L-15 tires, S/N P40406



Better-Bilt 3400, manure spreader, vacuum & top fill

New Idea 3626, manure spreader, single beater, w/ gate

Hahn PA-17, fertilizer spreader, 3 pt., belt driven, S/N 0040274



2013 John Deere HX15, batwing mower, 15', 1000 PTO, pneumatic tires

2007 New Holland 616, disc mower, 7', 540 PTO, 3 pt., S/N Y7B140526

Krone AM238S, disc mower, 9'

Krone, disc mower, 9'

Howse Hi-Co, rotary cutter, 10' / 2 blade, 540 PTO, 3 pt., S/N 070594098

Brush Mower, 5', 540 PTO, 3 pt., laminated rear tire

Brush Mower, 4', 3 pt., 540 PTO

New Holland, sickle mower, 7', pull type, 540 PTO driven

John Deere 9W, sickle mower, 9', 3 pt., (needs repair)

Lastec, turf mower, (5) 22" decks, 540 PTO, 2 pt., S/N 36441000

1980 John Deere 27, stalk shredder

John Deere 27, stalk shredder, 15'

John Deere 27, stalk shredder

Sunmaster, stalk shredder, 15'

Krone AM282, disc mower, 3 pt., 540 PTO, S/N 21445502

John Deere 1207, mower conditioner, 540 PTO, 7', front jack, manual swing, sells w/ spare tire

John Deere 1327, disc mower conditioner, 9', 540 PTO, impeller conditioning, manual swing hitch, S/N CCC1327X230856


New Holland 850, round baler, 540 PTO, S/N 424852

John Deere 14T, square baler, 540 PTO, S/N 56698

New Holland S-68, square baler, 540 PTO

IH 46, square baler, twine wrap, 540 PTO, manual swing hitch, rear hitch w/ ramp, 2 owner, (owner states white demonstrator model), S/N 29227

Case 220 square baler

New Holland 166, hay inverter, 5.00-15 tires, S/N 9516 (stored inside)

Hesston 10 Stacker

Case-IH8340, mower conditioner, 8’

John Deere side delivery rake, dolly wheel


Hesston Stack Carrier, 3 pt., square bale

Bale Trailer, fits 6 round bales

(2) Round Bale Feeders

Bulk Bin - 2 1/2 Ton (NEW)

John Deere 336, small square baler, twine wrap, 540 PTO, rear bale tipper, manual swing hitch, sells w/ rear hitch & ramp, S/N 3318

John Deere, hay rake, 11', side discharge, S/N 036829E


John Deere 1210A

John Deere 400, 400 bu., 1000 PTO, wooden hopper extensions

John Deere 400, 400 bu.

Parker 450, 1000 PTO, hyd. auger spout

M&W, 500 bu., 1000 PTO, roll tarp, left side augers, 23.1-26 tires

Parker 450, grain cart, 1000 PTO, hyd. fold & flow gate, lights, 23.1-26 tires

Kinze 400, 1000 PTO, front ladder, 23.1-26 tires, S/N 1892



Killbros 1065, lights, brakes, LH discharge, 22.5 tires

J&M 385-SD, 12 ton Westendorf running gear, lights, 385/65R22.5 truck tires

Calhoun gravity flow

Gravity Flow Wagon on John Deere running gear

(4) Gravity Wagons, 200 bu.

John Deere, barge box, on Case running gear

(2) Flare Sides Barge Box on running gear

Heider, auger wagon, 9.5L-15SL tires

Heider, gravity flow, tongue extension, front ladder, right side dump, 11L-15SL tires

Parker, gravity flow, 250 bu., Dakon running gear, ext. tongue, front ladder, 11L-15SL tires

Parker, gravity flow, 250 bu., Dakon running gear, ext. tongue, front ladder, hyd. auger, 11L-15SL tires

Parker 2500, gravity flow, on Dakon running gear, left side dumpw / chute, extendable tongue, roll tarp, 385/65R22.5 tires

J&M, gravity flow, on 12 ton running gear, left side dump w/ chute, extendable tongue, 12.5-15 tires

Dakon, gravity flow, 230 bu., on Dakon running gear, right side dump w/ chute




Wheatheart SA71-10, swing hopper, 10"x70', low profile

Feterl, auger, 10"x31', 540 PTO, poly hopper

Auger, 8"x46'


1989 Freightliner, day cab, 900,000 miles, 855 Cummins, 9 speed, spring ride, VIN 1FUYDCYB5KP342318

1980 International 466, grain truck, DT466, 5x4, 2 stick, singel vertical exhaust, Twin Screw 40K rear ends, walking beam suspension, hyd. brakes, dual 50 gal fuel tanks, 18' alum grain box w/ twin cyl. hoist, 22.5 tires, Dayton wheels, VIN AF195KCA18486

1979 GMC 7000, grain truck, 427 gas engine, 5 speed, 4 speed auxiliary transmission, 20' Omaha standard grain box w/ wood floor, twin screw

1977 Chevrolet C65, straight truck, 103,280 miles, 366 engine, gas, 5+2 transmission, 18' Knapheide grain box, tri-fold rear doors, 1,800 gal. poly tank, air brakes

1977 Chevrolet C65, Chassis

1975 International Fleetstar 2070A, grain truck, dual tandem axle, 203,858 miles, Diesel, 4/2 speed, Omaha 18' steel box, wood floor, hyd. 2 pt. lift, 220" WB, 49.200 GVW, 47 gal fuel tank, cracked windshield, Fuller Road Ranger RTO-9513, VIN 75797EGB10412

1973 Chevrolet C65, grain truck, 18' box

1970 Ford F700, grain truck, 16' box

1965 IH Loadstar, grain truck, shows 118,908 miles, 6 cyl. gas, manual, single axle w/ tag axle, 115" WB, 4,200 GVW, Knapheide 15' steel box, wood floor, single lift post, 8.25-20 rears, 8.25-20 fronts, VIN 712908H732871 (NO BATTERY, DOES NOT RUN) 

1962 Ford F350, grain truck



1995 Wilson, hopper bottom, 41'x96"x66", Shurlock roll tarp, crank up landing gear, gear reduction hopper doors, Ag hoppers, air ride suspension, 24.5 tires, steel wheels, VIN 11W1MAFYA0SA220238 (new tarp, last fall)

1981 Fruehauf, low boy, tandem axle, ramps, low profile tire

2004 Wilson Pace Setter, hopper bottom, 43', front & back ladder, roll top tarp, air ride, 65,000 GVWR, 295/75R22.5 tires, VIN 1W1MAF1A64A237753




1987 Great Dane, belt trailer, 42'x96"x7', open top, Shurlock roll tarp, 10' spread axle, air ride, 2 speed landing gear, Pioneer belt unload w/ hyd. rewind, VIN 1CRAA8626JB044203

1980 American, belt trailer, 42'x96", open top, no tarp, 6' tall plus 24" side boards, 2 speed landing gear, spring ride, Pioneer belt unload, 22.5LP tires, VIN A-4-34152


2011 K&O Pacesetter, horse trailer, 25', tandem axle, gooseneck, alum., 7,000 lb. axles, 4 horse, tack room, living quarters w/ bed, refrigerator, heat, AC, 235/80R16 tires on steel wheels, VIN 1K9GJ2553AH048307

Horse Trailer, bumper hitch, tandem axle, 2 horse, brakes on both axles, entry door in front, curb door, rear doors

1997 Sundowner Sunlite, horse trailer, 29', (3) horse, slant & step load, rear tack, front living quarters, walk thru door, 2 drop down windows, full dividers, saddle rack in rear, rubber floors, 225/75R15 tires, VIN 13SAH292XV1AA0343



2007 Wilson SGN - 5724T Ranch Hand, livestock trailer, 24' x 7', tandem axle, gooseneck, aluminum, double cut gate, street side walk door, translucent roof, 235/80R16 tires, VIN 1W1B4AJC17H534864

2005 Barrett Trailers Inc, livestock trailer, 33'x8'x7', 7' neck, gooseneck, front 21' decked, 46" bottom deck, 34" top deck, 2 divider gates, front gate split, left side escape gate towards front, right side escape gate towards rear, 10' fold down ramp, 30" wide fold up gate, deck plank in storage rail, winter kit w/ storage box, triple 7,000 lb. axles, electric brakes, 2 speed landing gear, VIN 1B9P3230451014151

Livestock Trailer, bumper hitch, 18'x76"x6', steel, center gate, curb side escape door, 3,500 lb. axles, spring ride, 15" tires

Stock Trailer, 16'

1988 K&W, stock trailer, 6'x20', 6' inside height, gooseneck, 48" sold side, wood floor, 1 divide gate, 6,000 lb. axles, drop leg jack, 16" tires, VIN 1K9GG203XJH048140

1994 Kiefer Built, tandem axle, bumper hitch, 14', (2) horse, rear folding ramp door, front tact room, fiberglass roff, lights, brakes, saddle rack, side lights, 225/75R15 tires, VIN 1DVHA1421RK029587




2012 Aulick, 42'x102"x66", 54" belt, belt trailer, tandem axle, hyd. drive, air ride, tarp, VIN 1V9SV422XCB150206

2012 Gatormade, 20' (18' deck w/ 2' self-cleaning dove tail), tandem axle, dual 24" spring assist rear ramps, lights, brakes, mini gooseneck bumper hitch, HD fenders, 14,000# GVWR, VIN 4Z1HD2021CS021160

2008 Aulick 4270, 42', 54" belt, belt trailer, tandem axle, hyd. drive, unload, tarp, air ride, alum. wheels on outside, steel wheels on inside, VIN 1A9TF42298S341967

Bumper Hitch Trailer, 18’, tandem axle, 12,000# GVWR, fold down ramps, electric brakes

Bumper Hitch Trailer, 16’, tandem axle

1986 Homemade Gooseneck Trailer, 26 1/2' x 8', tandem axle, wood deck, mounted tool box, 8.75R16.5L tires, VIN MVIN61423IND

Homemade Tool Shed Trailer, tandem axle, 20'x6', LT235/85R16 tires, (AG USE ONLY - ONLY PAPERWORK)

1990 Redi-Built, tandem axle, 17'x78", beavertail, spring suspension, flip up ramps, pintle hitch, 8-bolt hubs, VIN 47SS142T3L1006333

1987 Eaglerock, tandem axle, 17'x78", beavertail, spring suspension, flip up ramps, pintle hitch, VIN 120AP205HS050043

2010 Carry On Trailer Corp, single axle, 6'x12', rear & side ramps, 2" ball hitch, wood deck, ST205/75R15 tires, VIN 4YMUL1214AM030758



Grain-O-Vator 20, lateral auger, 2 compartments

Kelly Ryan, feed wagon

(2) Galvanized Feed Wagons


Foremost head gate

(3)MoorMan's, hog feeders

(80) 20' 6 Bar Continuous Fence Panels w/ clips & connections (NEW)

(40) 10' Interlocking Corral Panels (NEW)

(16) Free Standing Buffalo Panels (NEW)


John Deere Starfire, ITC globe, S/N PCGT01C541484

Winco 25PTOC-3E, generator, 540 PTO, 25KW, on cart, S/N 28674G81

New Idea 516, snowblower, 84", 3 pt., 540 PTO, 2 stage, hyd. spout (no cyl.), S/N 7205

Massey Ferguson, quick hitch

Mortar Mixer, 1/3 hp. electric motor

Agri Wa, automatic wagon hitch w/ 2 wagon clevis

Corn Reel for 6 or 8 row

Approx. 38 Stainless Steel Gate Panels

(2) Spools of cable

Antique corn sheller

1,000 gal. LP tank

Water tanks

Flink, hyd. tailgate sander, 7 1/2'

1,000 Gal. Fuel Tank, automatic shut off

Rem GTS1000, drive over pit, hyd. drive, 10" auger

Stehl Tow Dolly, w/ straps & wrench, Engager Break-Away System, ST185/80R13 tires

Hobbs Rain Reel w/ Irrigation Gun on triple axle cart, 1,000' of 4" rigid hose, S/N A28199



2016 Kubota RTV-X1100C1,192 hrs., 5,734 miles, 4x4, diesel, cab, heat, A/C, front brush guard, tail lights, radio, hyd. dump bed, diff. lock, VHT - X hydro trans, 25x10.00-12 tires, S/N A5KC2GDBKFG026380

2013 Polaris Ranger XP, 900 EFI, 9,174 miles/1,040 hrs., 4x4, 875 CC, soft cab doors, glass windshield, Lexar back windshield, Browning camo, heater, bumper, winch, 26x9-12 fronts, 26x12-12 rears, S/N 4XAUH9EA4DB143535

Bobcat 3400 Real Tree Max4, 4x4, EFI gas, electric dump bed, ROPS, poly top, windshield, brush guard, front winch, rear hitch, lights, mirrors, 25x11.00-12 tires, S/N AJNT12790

Boss, snow blade, 72", 4-way hyd. blade, steel/poly construction, self-contained hyd., sells w/ mounts for Bobcat/Polaris, S/N 228541



2015 Scag V-Ride, stand-on mower, 52" Velocity Plus deck, Kohler, S/N K6100171

Troy-Bilt, chipper, Briggs & Stratton, gas, trailer type

Dr. Wood chipper

Toro Z5035, zero turn, 50" deck, Kawasaki FR691V, 24 hp., S/N 310003179



2010 Chevrolet 2500HD, 127,472 miles, 4WD, Vortec, gas, automatic, crew cab, 6.5' box, power windows, locks, & mirrors, AM/FM/CD, dual climate control, VIN 1GC4KXBG9AF104824

2009 Ford F350, 102,000 miles, diesel, 2 door, cloth interior, VIN 1FTWF33R79EB15506

2008 Ford F-450, 375,000 miles, 6.5L Triton V-10, regular cab, dump bed

2006 Ford F150 XLT, unknown miles, 4WD, 5.4 Triton, ext. cab, 8' box, VIN 1FTPX14VX6FA88597 (unknown operating condition) 

2005 Nissan Quest, 187,000 miles, V6, VIN 591DE28Q35N137498

2001 Dodge DakotaSLT, 152,370 miles, 2WD, 6 cyl. Magnum, automatic, extended cab, VIN 1B7GL22X81S143134

1998 Oldsmobile Aurora, 175,000 miles

1995 Plymout Voy, 171,442 miles, 2WD, V6, 3.3L, gas, power mirrors, AM/FM/Cassette radio, AC/heat, cruise, tilt, front bucket seats, (no rear seats), rear air deflector, 195/75R14 tires, VIN 2P4GH45R9SR279295



Lincoln14V power grease gun; Shop fan; Wright 1" drive socket set; Wright socket set; Wright 1" drive socket set; Wright 1 5/8" wrench; (2) Chicago bin fans, Ronk panel control box, single phase, 20 hp., S/N 759874, Pincor, PTO generator, on cart, 30,000 WATT, 540 PTO, S/N 8890 

2004 Classic Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furance,Model - CL5648, 385 water capacity, 500,000 max BTU, heats up to 15,000 sq. ft., sells w/ 1 pump - 3 hook-ups available, 1 15x20 water to air heat exchanger, 1 domestic hot water side arm heat exchange, Pex pipe/underground insulated pex pipe, 1 door rope gasket, 120V, 15 amp system 





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