Online Antique Radio and Phonograph Auction

Online Auction in 12 Hallen Rd, Brampton Ontario, Canada

7:00 PM Friday
March 08th, 2013

Online Antique Radio and Phonograph Auction

Online Auction in 12 Hallen Rd, Brampton Ontario, Canada

Friday at - 08th March , 2013


It's time for another
Auction Guy Online Auction!

Our latest Online Antique & Vintage Radio Auction is now open and features Cathode Ray Tube Testers, Vacuum Tube Testers, Oscilloscopes, Test Equipment, a Telegraph Machine still in  the original box; plus of course Bakelite Radios, classic Wooden Tabletop Radios, Phonographs, External Horns, Shortwave Ham Receivers,

Radio Tubes, and more!

To see the full catalogue listing, contact us for details or visit The Auction Guy website.

Auction Closes: Friday, Mar. 8, 7:00 pm.  

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Watch for our Office Furniture & Equipment Auction opening Wed. March 6th



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Auction Items For Sale

Rogers, Eliminator Batteryless Radio,
Stromberg - Carlson Receiver, Model 501-A,
H.G. Brown, External Horn
Marconi Radio, Model 426,
Westinghouse Radio, Model 599,
RCA Victor Radio, Model 54X,
Deforest Radio, model unknown,
Philips Radio, Type P145, c.1956,
Philco Transitone Radio, Type 57-122,
RCA Victor Radio, Model 86T,
Waltham "Miniature Table Radio"
Admiral "Super Aeroscope" Radio, Model 5K1,
General Electric "Broadcast Receiver", Model C600,
Geneal Electric "Broadcast Receiver", Model C414,
RCA Victor Radio, Model BP-6,
Northern Electric Radio, Model 630A,
Philco Transitone Radio, Model 58,
Philco Radio, Model 315,
Admiral "Super Aeroscope" Radio, Model 7T10-5K1,
RCA Victor Clock Radio, model unknown,
Philco Transitone Radio, Model 140,
Radio, unknown make & model,
General Electric Radio, Model KL-500,
RCA Victor Radio, Model A-23
Nord Mende Elektra Radio, Model 59,
Nord Mende Othello Radio,
RCA Supreme Radio,
"Mickey Mouse" Radio,
"California Raisin" Radio,
"Cabbage Patch Kids" Radio,
Electrohome Radio, Model 5T11,
Marconi Clock Radio, Model 322,
Bulova Clock Radio, model unknown,
Atwater Kent Radio, Model 40, 1928,
Admiral Clock Radio, Model Y3058A, 1963,
Crosley Radio, Model F-5, 1955,
Northern Electric, Baby Champ Radio, Model 5500,
Northern Electric, Baby Champ Radio, Model 5700,
Sylvania Voltage Calibrator, Type 304,
Jewell, Radio Set Analyzer, Pattern 444,
Heathkit Labratory Oscilloscope,
Hewlett Packard, Clip-On DC Milliammeter,
General Electric, Test Oscillator, No. 150,
Hewlett Packard, Vacuum Tube Voltmeter, Model 4001
Mercury, In-Circuit Capacitor Tester, Model 1400,
Weston, 622 Volts / Milliammeter,
Data Instruments, Oscilloscope, Model 555,
Selfix, Color Generator, Model 5370,
Philco, Precision Alignment Generator, Model 7300,
Electronic Instrument Co. (EICO),
Precision, Series EV-20 V.T.V.M. and Multi-Range
Hickok, Universal Crystal Controlled Signal
Sencore, Professional Wide-Band Oscilloscope,
B&K, Transistor Radio Analyst, Model 960,
Solar, Capacitor Analyzer, Model CBB-2U,
Heathkit, Cathode Ray Tube Checker, Model CC-1,
B&K, Dyna-Quik Tube Tester, Model 600,
Mercury, CRT Tester-Reactivator, Model 801,
Rogers Majestic, Test Set, Model CP-8501,
Westinghouse, Navy Department - Bureau of Ships,
Hewlett Packard, Audio Oscillator, Model 200AB,
Knight, R.F. Generator,
Mercury, Color TV Analyzer, Model 900,
Precision, Vacuum Tube Multi-Master, Series EV-10A
Win-Tronix, Dynamic Sweep Circuit Analyzer,
Stark, Vohmaster Vacuum Tube Voltmeter,
Triplett Instruments, Signal Generator,
Approved Electronic Instrument Corp.
Oscilloscope, make & model unknown,
Hewlett Packard, Vacuum Tube Voltmeter,
Electronic Instruments Co. (EICO),
Electronic Instruments Co. (EICO),
Sanwa, Transistor Checker, Model AT-1,
Benco, Field Strenght Meter, Model FSP-1,
Waterman Products, Pocketscope Oscilloscope,
Realistic, Portavision Television, Model 16-100,
Dumont "Teleset" Television, Model RA-170, c. 1950
Signal Transmitting Key (Telegraph Machine),
Central Scientific, DC Volt - Ammeter
Victor Electric Co. Chicago, Milliammeter
Hallicrafters Shortwave Receiver, Model SC-38C,
Challenger, Amplifier, Model CHA 10,
ElectroVox, Amplifier, No. 5269,
Dyna, FM Tuner, Model FM-3,
Blonder-Tongue, UHF99 Converter, Model BTC-99,
Viking Radio, Model 50-39
General Electric "Musaphonic" Radio,
Sparton clock Radio, Model 5G3,
Sparton Radio, Model 5F1,
(2) General Electric Radios, Model 15 R64,
Radiola Radio, model unknown,
RCA Victor Radio Phonograph, Model VRA-56,
Knight "Span Master" Shortwave Receiver,
(2) General Electric Clock Radios,
(2) General Electric Clock Radios,
RCA Victor "Filteramic" Clock Radio,
Philips "Time-Mark" Clock Radio & Sony
Viking Clock Radio, Model 54-17R,
Meissmen Radio, Model 8C,
Westinghouse Radio, Model 764N7W,
Crystal Clock Radio, Model Unknow,
RCA Victor Phonograph, Model R-97,
DeForest Phonograph, Model D-536,
Electronic Instruments Co (EICO) Tuner,
Viking Radio, Model PMB82-417,
Sylavania Radio, Model 1102,
General Electric Radio, Model C412,
Sylavania Radio, Model 1202,
(2) General Electric Radios, Models 11R61 & 11R31,
General Electric Radio, Model C452,
(2) General Electric Clock Radios,
(2) Westinghouse "CHF1-FM" Radios, Model 715T5A,
Motorola Radio, Model MK-56R,
(2) Sylvania Clock Radios, Models 2207 & Unknown,
(2) General Electric Radios, Models 14R31& T-142B,
Zenith Radio & Clock Radio,
General Electric Radio, Model C403,
(2) Westinghouse Radios, Models 748TS & RTS 3011,
Viking Radio, Model Unknown, & Admiral Clock Radio
Hallicrafters & Westinghouse Clock Radios,
Fleetwood & Motorola Clock Radios
(2) General Electric Clock Radios, Unknown Models
Trio & Philco AM-FM Radios
Job Lot of 6 Radios
Job Lot of 6 Radios
Job Lot of Radio Chassis and Parts
A. M. Radio Transmitter, Type T.1119,
Hammond Amplifier, Type 710X60
Job Lot of OSC. Coils, Ohms Tapers, Midget
Box Lot of Assorted Tubes
Box Lot of Assorted Tubes
Box Lot of Assorted Tubes
Lot of 9 Various Tubes
Lot of 6 Various Tubes
Lot of 10 Various Tubes
Lot of 10 Various Tubes
Lot of 12 Various Tubes
Box Lot of Assorted Tubes
2 Boxes of Assorted Tubes
4 Boxes of Tubes & Transformers
Box Lot of Tubes
Job Lot of Transformers