GUN AUCTION Disperal of One Collection on Sat February 15 2014 at 9 30 am at McSherry Auction Site

Collectible Auction in #12 Patterson Drive, Stonewall Manitoba, Canada

9:30 AM Saturday
February 15th, 2014

GUN AUCTION Disperal of One Collection on Sat February 15 2014 at 9 30 am at McSherry Auction Site

Collectible Auction in #12 Patterson Drive, Stonewall Manitoba, Canada

Saturday at - 15th February , 2014


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Auction Items For Sale

A DETAILED Listing be posted ASAP - after January 8, 2014

Viewing Friday, February 14, 2014 - 1:00 -8 pm

SELLING ORDER OF GUNS - will be posted week of the auction!
Special viewing can be arranged by contacting Stuart (204) 886-7027
Proxy bids are accepted - Email preffered, fax, or in person (Heather or Stuart)

Please note: PAL (FAC) is require to purchase a registered gun.
NO PAL (FAC) require if the gun has Antique Status

WE ACCEPT PROXY BIDS We will ship your guns to you (shipping charges will apply)
If you require additional pictures/information, please email us with your request. A Gun Specialist (Peter) will be onhand during the week, preview and auction day

There are MORE GUNS than originally listed.
Selling Order of the GUNS will be posted the week of the auction.

Gst & Pst apply where applicable.

Shipping COD
Trigger Locks $3.00

Administration Fee: $10/gun
No Buyers Fee

Stonewall - Rockwood Motor Inn & Motel - (204) 467-2354 - accommodations/lounge/home cook meals
Other Resturants in Stonewall - Pizza Den; Sigs, Chicken Chef, Subway,  Pizza Hotline, Cravings etc
Stony Mountain - Mountain Motor Inn - (204) 344-5511
Stonewall is 20 minutes north of Winnipeg

Long Guns
Long Guns


Lot #MakeModelActCalBLS#Other

M1CZFZ858 Tac2SA7.62 x3920 3/4A470140

M2Ruger1022 CarbineSA22 LR11 3/4249-62627

M3SimonovSKS 1950SA7.6x3920 1/2NM 1700 Hfolding bayonette

M4Robinson Armamen CoXCRSA7.6x3920 1/2XL 07151

M5Remington597 VTRSA22 LR16 1/2"C 2626792w/ Scope

M6NorincoSKS 1954SA7.6x3920 1/2172025

M7Iver JohnsonChampionHB20 ga1810699

M8Eddy StonePat 1917BA30-0626 3/429432

M9Iver JohnsonChampionHB123979921


M11Cooey840HB1618 1/4208306

M12RemingtonNov-87PA1221PC 241370

M13Savage111BA.300 win mag24 3/4G817852simmons scope 3x9 40

M14Savage4 MK1 *BA303 British2537C4827w/ sling

M15RugerMini 14SA.22321580-58366

M16Moisin-NagnantM1944BA7.62x5421 1/4BK 9480folding bayonette

M17EnfieldV No 1 BA303 British20 3/4C482489 w/ sling and full wood

M18Lee EnfieldNo 1 Mk III *BA303 British25    37580LFull Wood

M19NorincoHP9PA12 13 3//45826610

M20CrossmanMarlin Cowboy  LAN 350LA.177 BB24    81015514BB/ Pellet Gun 

M21PiettaPPS 540SA22 LR15 7/8PP004744

M22HATSANEscortPA122011248210Made in Turkey

M23SavageAXISBA243 Win22 1/2H290680Bushnell Scope

M24NorincoSKSSA7.62x3920 1/40113327folding bayonette

M25Moisin-Nagnant1944BA7.62x54 R20 3/4KD26862folding bayonette

M26Rhienland ArmsR22SA22 LR16 3/8B146Cw/scope & Heavy barrel

M27NorincoM14SSA7.62  (308)24 7/8009060w/scope 

M28Ruger1022SA22 LR18 1/2232-49837

M29Massachusetts Arms HB1229 7/8W73

M30Harrington & Richardson Arms HB1629 3/864335

M31Stevens HB1230N/A

M32Vetteril1869 SwissBA41 Rem Fire32 1/248971Antiques Status

M33CIL607 Series BPA12 18 3/4A757436Barrel & Receiver

M34SimonovSKS 1954SA7.62.x3920HN708folding bayonette

M35NorincoSKSSA7.62.x392093189folding bayonette

M36Ruger44 CarbineSA44 Mag18102-00848

M37Plain FieldM1 CarbineSA30 Carbine17 3/434949

M38Plain FieldM1 CarbineSA30 Carbine17 3/435014

M39UARRasheedSA7.62x3920 1/21890

M40CZBZ 52 / 57SA7.62x3920 1/4J034954folding bayonette

M41Cooey39BA22 SL/LR22N/A

M42NorincoM14SSA308 Win24 1/4008899Rail for Scope

M43Ranger HB123046576

M44Remington870LH  WingmasterPA12   3" Inch Mag30    T758000Mvent rib barrel

M45Mossberg46BBA22 LR264613Tub Mag

M46EnfieldNo 4 MK IVBA30825M10B0402887Austrilian Internation Arms - New GUN

M47Harrington & Richardson ArmsSB2 Handi GunHB45-70 Govt22HX289096

M48BaikalNK12   IJ12HB1228 3/4BM1175Over and Under

M49Remington870 ExpressPA12 2 3/427 1/2X120944M

M50SimonovSKS 1945SA7.62x3920312498Folding Bayonette * Missing Bolt & Mag

M51Ruger1022SA22 LR18 1/211673378w/scope & folding stock


M53Marlin1894LA44 Rem Mag2022031958


M55TokarevSVT1940SA7.62x54 R26 1/24R679

M56CZVZ 52 /57SA7.62x3920DU66930folding bayonette

M57Chaparral ArmsWinchester 1897PA12 2 3/4"20W970065

M58Ruger1022SA22 LR18 1/235839802

M59StoegerP350PA12 2 3/4  3" and 3 1/227 3/41123676New  Gun

M60NorincoJW15ABA22 LR13"114229811396

M61Stevens305BA22 Mag131522050

M62Stevens300BA22 LR131522426

M63HATSANEscortSA12 3 1/2 "27 1/211260814NEW GUN - vent ribbed barrel

M64HATSANEscort MagSA12 3"27 1/210225015NEW GUN - vent ribbed barrel

M65BoitoREUNAHB410 ga2617104309

M66OPTIMAOptimaHB20 ga 3"23 1/2S11016618vent rib barrel

M67HATSAN33PA.17720050905220New Gun - Air riffle

M68Rock Island ArmoryMIG22SA22 LR16P00183New Gun

M69TokarevSVt SA7.62x54 R26 3/4C33125

M70Moisin-Nagnant1891 / 30BA7.62x54 R296702w bayonette

M71Springfield ArmouryM1 GarnadSA30-0623 5/8281004

M72Bruno K98BA243 Win 24 5/80610578

M73Mossberg930 WaterfowlSA12 ga 2 3/428AF021835rib camoflauge finish

M74Cooey64 BSA22 LR20CA118997


M76Moisin-Nagnant1944BA7.62x54 R20 3/4P3249folding bayonette

M77NorincoSKSSA7.62x3923 1/2619257

M78Cooey84HB12 3063990

M79PiettaPPS 540SA22 LR15 3/4PP004833

M80NorincoM-14SSA308 Win24 1/420091698

M81NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201512723folding  bayonette

M82Mauser1948 yugoslavianBA8 mm23 3/4"W11398

M83Dominion ArmsCougarSA12 2 3/418 1/80000919

M84BoitoREUNAHB12 ga  3"28U17267610

M85Remington870 tacticalPA12 ga 2 3/420 3/8RS86427C

M86Thalmann125HB12 28807822Double Barrel

M87Savage11BA270 Win27 1/2G133596New Gun

M88Marlin1894LA44 Mag2091310728New Gun

M89Ruger1022SA22 LR13 1/435417117THOMAS LOOK ALIKE

M90Belgium1875BA410 ga25 3/41875

M91Cooey75BA2226 7/8N/A

M92CZCZ858 tactical 2SA7.62x3918A942704

M93HATSAN85PA17720011010581New gun - Air gun

M94Mannlicher1895BA8 mm24 1/428229

M95Ruger1022SA22 LR18 1/225839861New Guns

M96HATSANEscort PA12 ga 3"2011253264New Guns

M97Mossberg715TSA22 LR18ekg3256802New Guns

M98Remington597SA22 LR20C2662582New Guns

M99Mossberg715TSA22 LR18EKG 325 6806New Guns

M100HATSANEscortPA12 ga 3"2011261419New Guns

M101Remington770BA308 win22 1/2N71690623New Gun w scope

M102ChineseHP9PA12 ga 2 3/428    006652611Vent rib Barrel - New Gun

M103OPTIMASB-WHB20 ga 3"26S1101651AVent rib Barrel - New Gun

M104OPTIMASB-WHB410 ga 2611018137Vent rib Barrel - New Gun

M105HATSANEscortPA12 ga2011248211New  Gun

M106HATSANEscortSA12 ga2811249525New  Gun

M107CZ858 Tactical 2SA7.62x3918A942692New  Gun

M108ChineseHP9PA12 ga18 1/2006661011New  Gun

M109Stevens300FBA22 LR13 1/21522419New  Gun

M110Thomas Center FireVentureBA30-06 Sprg24 7/84035944New  Gun

M111Thomas Center FireVentureBA243 Win24 7/84019998New  Gun

M112Dominion ArmsCougarSA12 ga 2 3/4  3"18 1/20000863New  Gun

M113EMF JR CarbineSA9 mm18 3/4JR CP 025 200New  Gun

M114Thomas Center FireVentureBA308 Win24 7/84038970New  Gun

M115CZCZ858 tactical 2SA7.62x3918A7942659New  Gun

M116Savage11BA243 Win22 1/2H334892New Gun w Bushnell Scope

M117NorincoSKSSA7.62x 54 R201511691New  Gun folding bayonette

M118NorincoSKSSA7.62x 54 R201610322New  Gun

M119NorincoSKSSA7.62x54 R201609702New  Gun folding bayonette

M120NorincoSKSSA7.62x54 R201610397New  Gun

M121Australian International ArmsVI MK 4BA308 win24 3/4M10B-0403504New  Gun

M122Stevens300BA22 LR131522421New  Gun

M123PiettaPPS22 SA22 LR16PP004747New  Gun

M124PiettaPPS22 SA22 LR16PP004605New  Gun

M125Moisin-Nagnant1891-30BA7.62x54 R3053352Army Surplus

M126Moisin-Nagnant1898-301BA7.62x54 R30NP603Army Surplus

M127Mossberg400GPA12 ga 2  3/4 3"30G796708

M128MauserK98BA8 mm28W07381bayonette

M129BaikalUNK 12HB12 ga28 1/2C6005Over and Under

M130MauserMexican MauserBA7 mm   7x5729 3/480474PSportizer

M131Rock Island ArmoryMIG22SA22 LR16P00181

M132ChineseHP9PA12 ga 2 3/418 1/2006659411folding back stock

M133Norinco14SA308 Win24 1/420091387New Gun

M134NorincoSKSSA7.6x39201507941New Gun

M135NorincoJW21BBA22 LR23 3/41011748New Gun

M136NorincoSKSSA7.6x39200109518New Gun

M137BaikalIJ12HB12 28 3/4DP6478Over and Under

M138NorincoJW21BLA22 LR201141664-11-396New Gun

M139Lee EnfieldNo 1 Mk III *BA303 British24 1/2J5058

M140Moisin-Nagnant1891/30BA7.62x 54 R30    8653New Gun w folding and bullet pouches

M141NorincoM14 SA308 Win24 1/420110088New Gun

M142NorincoM14 SA308 Win24 1/420110086New Gun

M143Moisin-Nagnant1891/30BA7.62x 54 R30    3682New Gun

M144NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201612308New Gun

M145NorincoM14SA308 Win24 1/420091315New Gun

M146NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201522003New Gun

M147NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201522135New Gun

M148NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201520859New Gun

M149NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201522013New Gun

M150NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201520887New Gun

M151NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201509665New Gun

M152NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201509337New Gun

M153NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201510768New Gun

M154NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201513481New Gun

M155NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201512894New Gun

M156NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200104103New Gun

M157NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200102681New Gun

M158NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200102402New Gun

M159NorincoSKSSA7.62x3920010980New Gun

M160NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200104883New Gun

M161NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200101671New Gun

M162NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200101198New Gun

M163NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200106736New Gun

M164NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200103137New Gun

M165NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200109294New Gun

M166NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200109667New Gun

M167NorincoSKSSA7.62x392001133420New Gun

M168NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200112261New Gun

M169NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201513690New Gun

M170NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201711300New Gun

M171NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201608509New Gun

M172NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201607927New Gun

M173NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201511003New Gun

M174NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200111549New Gun

M175NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200108910New Gun

M176NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200111606New Gun

M177NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200111683New Gun

M178NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200106060New Gun

M179NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201612447New Gun

M180NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201611061New Gun

M181NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201508768New Gun

M182NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201607681New Gun

M183NorincoSKSSA7.62x39201510778New Gun

M184NorincoM14SA308 Win24 1/42011009811356CN11caNew Gun

M185CZCZ858 tactical 2SA7.62x 3918A942680New Gun

M186SavageAXISBA22322 3/4H343823New Gun w Bushnell Scope

M187SavageAXISBA243 Win22 3/4H334893New Gun

M188CZCZ858 tactical 2SA7.62x 3918A942698New Gun

M189CZCZ858 tactical 2SA7.62x 3918A942696New Gun

M190Moisin-Nagnant1891 / 30BA7.62x 54 R30    1267New Gun

M191Sears4CBA22 LR2118647

M192PiettaPPS50SA22 LR16PP004637New Gun

M193NorincoJW15ABA221311419991936New Gun

M194HATSANEscortPA1218 1/211248200New Gun

M195HATSANEscortPA1218 1/211248212New Gun

M196HATSANEscortPA1218 1/211248214New Gun

M197HATSANEscortPA1218 1/211248204New Gun

M198HATSANEscortPA1218 1/211248212New Gun

M199EMF JR CarbineSA40S&W18 3/4JRCP02564New Gun

M200Stevens300BA22 LR131522412New Gun

M201Mauser1895 ChileanBA30829 3/4H1365

M202NorincoHP9PA12 ga28006652011New Gun

M203Moisin-Nagnant1891/30BA7.62x54 R30P36827New Gun

M204NorincoHP9PA12 ga28006652211New Gun

M205Thomas Center Fire  50265117Muzzle Loader

M206Chaparral Arms1866 Rep of WinchesterLA357 Mag18 1/2W660849New Gun w Gun Case Brass Receiver

M207Chaparral Arms1897 rep of WinchesterPA12 2 3/4"20W970083New Gun

M208Vetteril1869 SwissBA41 Swiss32 1/252953Antique Status

M209Australian International ArmsVI MK 4BA308 win24 3/4M10B-043650New Gun

M210Mossberg500CPA20 ga25 1/2R935579New Gun

M211CooeyRangerBA22 LR30 New Gun

M212EMF JR CarbineSA9 mm18 3/4JRCP025198New Gun

M213PiettaPPS50SA22 LR16PP004695New Gun

M214MossbergMK II BA22 LR19 1/8N/A

M215NorincoJW23BA22 Mag23 7/89511142Bushnell Scope

M216Cooey75BA22 LR26 3/4N/A

M217MauserChilean 75BA30829 3/4C1162

M218TokarevSVT1940SA7.62x54 R26 1/2964262

M219Cooey39BA22 LR21 7/8N/A


M221NorincoJW105BA22322 1/8086315408396

M222CrossmanMarlin Cowboy  LAN 350LA.177 BB24    091014931BB/ Pellet Gun 

M223Remington597SA22 LR19 7/8B2768768

M224Henry Repeating ArmsSurvivor SA22 LR15 1/2US73129Take Down; 2 Mags

M225JaegrRepr M16 2220 No upper receiver parts gun

M226TraditionsPursuit LT 502814-13-052858-04Muzzle Loader

M227EMF JR CarbineSA40S&W18 3/4JRCP 025263New Gun

M228CZCZ858 tactical 2SA7.6x3918A938516New Gun

M229NorincoMP14SA308 Win24 1/420091360New Gun

M230BoitoREUNAHB4102617104409New Gun

M231NorincoJW14ABA22 LR20114233011396New Gun

M232NorincoJW105BA22322 1/80863160-08-396New Gun - no bolt

M233NorincoSKSSA7.62x39200113343New Gun

M234NorincoJW105BA22322 1/8086318308396New Gun

M235Stevens305BA22 Mag131522047New Gun

M236NorincoHP9PA1228006654411New Gun

M237BoitoREUNAHB20 ga28U17269410New Gun

M238OPTIMASB-WHB41026S11018318New Gun

M239OPTIMASB-WHB1226S11017280New Gun

M240OPTIMASB-W 2026S11016269New Gun

M241Rock Island ArmoryMIG22SA22 LR16P00182New Gun

M242Chaparral Arms1856 Rep of WinchesterLA357 Mag20W660851New Gun w New Gun Case Brass Case

M243Norinco14SA308 Win24 1/42011010011356CN11cANew Gun

M244NorincoHP9PA12 ga28006657011New Gun

M245NorincoHP9PA12 ga280066551111New Gun

M246NorincoHP9PA12 ga2811511578New Gun

M247NorincoHP9PA12 ga28006652111

M248NorincoHP9PA12 ga28006651511

M249NorincoJW15ABA22 LR20114205011396

M250NorincoJW15ABA22 LR20114198911396

M251NorincoJW15ABA22 LR20114245111396

M252NorincoJW15ABA22 LR20114246411396

M253NorincoJW15ABA22 LR20114196811396

M254StevensM300BA22 LR131522424

M255Cooey75BA22 LR26 3/4N/A

M256Chaparral Arms1866 Rep of Winchester 35720W660077New Gun

M257HATSANEscortPA12 18 1/211248203New Gun

M258HATSANEscortPA12 18 1/211253178New Gun

M259Stevens300BA22 LR131522414New Gun

M260Marlin1894LA44 Mag2091310722New Gun

M261Moisin-Nagnant1891 / 30 7.62x54 R30KY3189New Gun

M262Thalmann125HB1228843261New Gun Side by Side

M263NorincoM14 308 Win24 1/4201101611356New Gun

M264NorincoM14 308 Win24 1/42011011711356New Gun

M265NorincoM14 308 Win24 1/42011008711356New Gun

M266NorincoM14 308 Win24 1/42011011811356New Gun

M267NorincoM14 308 Win24 1/42011009711356New Gun

M268NorincoM14 308 Win24 1/42011004611356CN 11 CANew Gun

M269NorincoM14 308 Win24 1/42011009011356New Gun

M270NorincoM14SA308 Win24 1/42011008911356New Gun

M271NorincoM14SA308 Win24 1/42011011911356New Gun

M272NorincoM14SA308 Win24 1/42011004711356New Gun

M273NorincoM14SA308 Win24 1/42011012011356New Gun

M274NorincoJW15ABA22 LR20114232311396New Gun

M275NorincoJW15ABA22 LR20114204311396New Gun

M276NorincoJW15ABA22 LR20114199611396New Gun

M277NorincoJW15ABA22 LR20114196711396New Gun

M278NorincoJW15ABA22 LR20114227611396New Gun

M279NorincoJW15ABA22 LR2011455191New Gun

M280NorincoJW15ABA22 LR20114246811396New Gun

M281NorincoJW15ABA22 LR20114204211396New Gun

M282NorincoJW15ABA22 LR20114203511396New Gun

M283Stevens300BA22 LR131522422New Gun

M284Stevens300BA22 LR131522413New Gun

M285Stevens305BA22 Mag131522049New Gun

M286Ruger1022SA22 LR18 1/235839784New Gun

M287NorincoJW21BLA22 LR20114164511396New Gun

M288Thalmann125 12  812957New Gun, double barrel;

M289Moisin-Nagnant1891 / 30BA7.62x54 R30NN9451New Gun

M290TokarevSVT1940SA7.62x54 R26 1/2BM1271New Gun

M291Marlin1894CLA357 Mag18MR21756BNew Gun

M292NorincoM14 308 Win24 1/42011009911356 CN 11 CANew Gun



Lot  MakeModelActionBar LengthCalSerial #


M460NorincoHP9PA35612 GA X 3"6633511

M461NorincoHP9PA35612 GA X 3"6638111

M462NorincoHP9PA35612 GA X 3"6629511

M463NorincoHP9PA35612 GA X 3"6633311

M464German Sport GunsGSG-1911SA12722 LRA410826

M465Smith & WessonM&P 9SA1089MM LUGERDWL5684

M466BerettaCx4 StormSA42245 AUTOCK03459

M467Czech Small ArmsSA VZ58 Sporter 5.56SA1905.56MM NATO5600055CP

M468Czech Small ArmsSA VZ58 Canadian Sporter 7.62SA1907.62X39 RUSSIAN5800108CP

M469Czech Small ArmsSA VZ58 Sporter 5.56SA3005.56MM NATO5600151CA

M470PACM1911A1 CommanderSA10845 AUTOWGE450053

M471PACM1911A1 CommanderSA10845 AUTOWGE450032

M472RugerStandardSA15222 LR241639

M473NorincoM93 SportsmanSA11722 LR9700887

M474BrowningBuck Mark CamperSA14022 LR515MN03425

M475RugerBearcatR11022 LR100283

M476Smith & WessonM&P 9SA1089MM LUGERDWL5691

M477NorincoNZ85BSA1149MM LUGER201853

M478TokarevSportowySA12022 LRS7915

M479TokarevTT33SA1157.62MM TOKAREVBM1805

M480TokarevTT33SA1157.62MM TOKAREV873

M481TokarevSportowySA12022 LRS7645

M482TokarevTT33SA1157.62MM TOKAREVXO2427

M483NorincoHP9PA35612 GA X 3"6643511

M484ColtM4 CarbineSA41222 LRBP045262

M485Novohradsky, PetrFSN-01SA3907.62X39 RUSSIAN395

M486TokarevSportowySA12022 LRS7438

M487Glock22SA11440 S&WNBB209

M488BrowningNomadSA17222 LR92862P7

M489NorincoNZ85BSA1149MM LUGER201099

M490Smith & WessonM&P 40SA10840 S&WDUK2234

M491NorincoNP30SA12845 AUTOBF00665

M492SIG SauerMosquitoSA12522 LRA028768

M493FNFNP45SA11445 AUTO61DMP12523

M494PACM1911A1 CommanderSA10845 AUTOWGE450039

M495BrowningBuck Mark CamperSA14022 LR515MN03414

M496NorincoHP9PA35612 GA X 3"6648411

M497NorincoHP9PA35612 GA X 3"6636411

S450WebleyMARK VIR152455 REV182557

S451EnfieldNo 2 MARK 1**R12738 S&WZJ6464

S452High StandardDura MaticSA16522 LR2069741

S453Colt1892 New Army & Navy Double ActionR15238 LONG COLT216596

S454TokarevTT33SA1157.62MM TOKAREV1099

S455WaltherP1SA1279MM LUGER66447

S456NorincoM93 SportsmanSA11722 LR952289

S457Norinco213SA1159MM LUGER822959

S458RugerNew Model Single SixR14022 LR/22 MAG6369484

S459Browning1935 High Power No 1 Chinese ContractSA1189MM LUGER1CH3165


M495WebleyMark IRevoler
.4551349Antique Status

M496WebleyMark IRevolver
0.45521225Antique Status

Pistols & BB Guns:


Lot #MakeModelActCalBLS#Other

M 300Mini Uzi SA177 0127 4005

M 301Mini Uzi SA177 1273800

M 302Sig SauerP226 - X FiveSA177 10236328

M 303Sig SauerP226 - X FiveSA177 00992650

M 304Sig SauerGSRSA177 01279698

M 305Sig SauerGSRSA177 01279542

M 306Sig SauerSP 2022SA177 091833BB; Air Pistol

M 307Sig SauerSP 2022SA177 107428BB; Air Pistol

M 308Sig SauerSP 2022SA177 082763BB; Air Pistol

M 309Sig SauerSP 2022SA177 043910BB; Air Pistol

M 310Sig SauerSP 2022SA177 083788BB; Air Pistol

M 311GSG92SA177 W0110106911Air Pistol

M 312GSG92SA177 W0110107029Air Pistol

M 313Sig Sauer2022SA177 082078Air Pistol

M 314Sig Sauer2022SA177 083023Air Pistol

M 315WalthersCP99SA   Air Pistol

M 316WalthersPPQSA   Air Pistol

M 317Smith & WessonMP 45SA   Air Pistol

M 318Smith & WessonMP 45SA   Air Pistol

M 319TanfoglioWitness 1911SA  UO3100305007BB 

M 320High Powered 401 SA177 NA

M 321Sig SauerP226 - X FiveSA177 00992799Air Pistol

M 322Sig SauerP226 - X FiveSA177 01277683Air Pistol

M 323M84 SA177 UO3101101552Air Pistol

M 324HKUSPSA177 10L53127

M 325E KOL MajorSA9 mm  Blank Pistol

M 326Pistol Flare Gun    LR 1920

M 327Pistol Flare Gun    LR 1889

M 328Pistol Flare Gun    LR 1883

Crates 7.62x39 * Cases 7.62 x 39 * Cases of 7.62x54 R * Cases 7.62x43 * 17 Cal * 30-30 * 243 Win * 22-250 * 30-06 Sprg * 223 Rem * 12 gauge * 20 gauge * 16 gauge * 353 Mag * Boxes 308 Win, British Ammo * Cases 308 Win * Boxes 22 Cal * Boxes 45 Auto Ammo * 9mm Luger * 7mm Rem Mag * 44 Sp * Reloading Powder * Shot Gun Shells *

Boxes Pistol Primmer  * Riffle Primmers *

9) FXII New Cross Bows * Bear Rug * Deer Mounts * Elk Mounts * Deer Horns * Elk Horns *

Stuart McSherry
Stonewall, Manitoba
(204) 467-1858 or (204) 886-7027

Bear Rug * Deer Mounts * Elk Mounts * Deer Horns * Elk Horns *

Stuart McSherry
Stonewall, Manitoba
(204) 467-1858 or (204) 886-7027