Surplus Liquidation of Plumbing Warehouse

Business Auction in 3311 Depot Road, Hayward California, United States

10:00 AM Tuesday
January 07th, 2014

Surplus Liquidation of Plumbing Warehouse

Business Auction in 3311 Depot Road, Hayward California, United States

Tuesday at - 07th January , 2014



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Auction Items For Sale

Surplus Liquidation of Plumbing Warehouse in Hayward, California

Online auction at - Tuesday, January 07, 2013 at 10:00 am.

Highlights from this 366 lot auction include Ransome and All-Fab Corporation welding positioners, a pipe roll grooving machine, Yale forklift, plumbing hardware and fittings, warehouse supplies, power and hand tools. Check out the the pictures or come to our preview. Hurry now, these items will be sold to the highest bidders regardless of price!

Sold regardless of price!


0100Ransome 25-P1 Welding Positioner0101All-Fab Corp Welding Positioner with Tooling

0102Miller Deltaweld 452 Power Source with Feeder and Portable Cart0103Victaulic VE414MC Series Pipe Roll Grooving Machine

0104All-Fab Corp Welding Positioner 0105Yale 5,300lb Capacity Electric Forklift

0109Handling Systems 360 Degree Two Ton 20' Shop Crane with Electric Chain Hoist0110Knaack 4' Portable Job Box

0111Knaack 4' Portable Job Box0112Knaack 5' Watchman II Portable Job Box

0113Knaack 5' Watchman II Portable Job Box0114Knaack Watchman IV Portable Job Box

0115Steel Material Cart 60x30"0116Steel Grate with Large Pipe Gasket Stock

0117(2) Industrial 5" Pipe Control Valves0118Pallet of Industrial 5" Pipe Fittings

0119Pallet of Industrial Pipe Fittings0120Pallet of Industrial Pipe Fittings

0121Bin of Industrial Pipe Fittings0122Bin of Industrial Pipe Fittings

0123Pallet of Industrial Pipe Fittings0124Pallet of Industrial Pipe Fittings

0125Box of Industrial Pipe Fittings0126Pallet of Industrial Pipe Fittings

0127Pallet of Industrial Pipe Fittings0128Pallet of (6) Industrial Pipe Fittings

0129Pallet of Industrial Pipe Fittings0130Pallet of Industrial Pipe Fittings

0131Pallet of Industrial Pipe Fittings0132Box of (8) Industrial Pipe Fittings

0133Crate of Industrial Pipe Fittings0134Crate of Industrial Pipe Fittings

0137Crate of Industrial Pipe Fittings0138(2) Pallets of Industrial Pipe Fittings, Spring Valves and Springs

0139Crate of Heavy Duty Steel Fasteners0140Crate of Industrial Size Pipe up to 8"

0145Louisville FS1512 12' Fiberglass Folding Ladder0146Werner 24' Fiberglass Extension Ladder

0147Louisville 8' Fiberglass Folding Ladder0148Louisville 8' Fiberglass Folding Ladder

0150Pallet of Miscellaneous Items0152Werner 6' Fiberglass Folding Ladder

0153Werner 6' Fiberglass Folding Ladder0154Louisville 6' Fiberglass Folding Ladder

0155Louisville 6' Fiberglass Folding Ladder0156Steel Material Cart 27x30"

0157Portable Material Hand Crank Lift with Man Lift Basket01588' Tall Heavy Duty Cheery Picker with Chain Hoist

0159Knaack 4830 Jobmaster Box with Contents0161Plastic Dual Tire Wheel Barrow

0162Knaack 5' Job Box with Plumbing Stock016355 Gallon Chevron Drum on Stand

0164Pipe Stand0165Pipe Stand

0166Pipe Roller Stand0167Pipe Roller Stand

0168Pipe Roller Stand0169Pipe Roller Stand

0170Steel Pipe Stand0171Steel Material Cart with (3) Packs of Hardwood Flooring

0172Steel organizer with Leads, Extensions Cords and Chains0173Pallet of Pipe Rigging Tools

0174Bucket of Heavy Duty Clevis0175Ingersol-Rand 3/4 Ton Chain Wrachet

0176Barrel Dolly0177Collins E-Z Cutter on Portable Cart with Tooling

0178Combo Lot; Pipes, Pullys, Cable and Pipe Testers0179Knaack Jobmaster 5' Box with Rigging, Pullys and Tensioners

01806x2' Plexiglass Aquarium 0181Cricket Barrel Dolly

0182Cricket Barrel Dolly0183Portable Light Duty Material Rack

0184(6) Boxes of Rigging Straps, Safety Harnesses and Sling Straps0185Ridgid 124A De-Burr

0186Delta 10" Contractors Table Saw0187Tool Box with Acetylene Hose, Torch and Lighter

0187ALadder0188Pallet of Welding Leads, Acetylene Hoses, Miller Foot Peddle

0189Rex Wheeler Pipe Snap Cutters0191(3) Nylon Round Sling Rigging Straps

0192(3) Nylon Round Sling Rigging Straps0193(2) Nylon Round Sling Rigging Straps

0194(2) Nylon Round Sling Rigging Straps0195(8 ) Tuflex Polyester Slings

0196Miller Thunderbolt XL AC/DC Arc Welding Power Source0197(6) Acetylene Hoses

0198Coffing Hoist Co One Ton Dolly0199Corso 3 Ton Beam Clamp

0200Corso 3 Ton Beam Clamp0201Corso 3 Ton Beam Clamp

0202Corso 3 Ton Beam Clamp0203Corso 3 Ton Beam Clamp

0204Corso 3 Ton Beam Clamp0205Beam Clamp

0206JET 3 Ton Beam Clamp0207JET 3 Ton Beam Clamp

0208Titan 3 Ton Beam Clamp0209Craftsman 10" Radial Arm Saw

0210Beam Clamp0211Beam Clamp

0212Yale T Ton Hoist Dolly0213JET 1 Ton Chain Hoist

0214JET 1/2 Ton Chain Hoist0215Ridgid No. 202 Pipe Cutter

0216Ridgid No. 42A Pipe Cutter0217Ridgid No.2A Pipe Cutter

0218Ridgid No.2A Pipe Cutter0219Ridgid No. 44-S Pipe Cutter

0220Ridgid No. 202 Pipe Cutter0221Ridgid No. 42A Pipe Cutter

0222Ridgid No. 2A Pipe Cutter0223Ridgid No. 2A Pipe Cutter

0224Ridgid No. 2A Pipe Cutter0225Ridgid No. 2 Pipe Cutter

0226Ridgid No. 2 Pipe Cutter0230(7) Hand Tools

0232Beam Clamp0233Heavy Duty Steel Cart 54x24"

0234(2) 8' Wood Organizers filled with Pipe Fitting Stock0235(3) Industrial Pipe Fittings and (10) Hand Tools

0336(7) Ridgid Pipe Threader Dies0337Two Tier Steel Work Bench

0338Work Table with Miscellaneous Contents0339Portabel Steel Folding Table

0340Ridgid Pipe Stand034113x4' Steel Welding Table

0342Trade Mark LT-16J Variable Speed Drill Press with Steel Welding Table and Bench Vise034330x30" Welding Table with Pipe Clamp

0344Radnor Harpor Bottle Cart0345Bottle Cart with Acetylene Hoses and Torches

0346Pallet of Welding Leads0347Reed TC40 Pipe Cutter

0348Ridgid No. 460 Tristand0349Ridgid VJ-99 Adjustable Pipe Stand

0350Ridgid VJ-99 Pipe Stand0351Ridgid Pipe Stand

0352Rubbermaid Cart with Contents03538' Welding Curtain

0354Knaack 5' Job Box with Contents0355Power Factor 48 Volt Battery Charger

0356Ridgid 460-12 Tristand0357Portable Cart filled with Plumbing/Pipe Tooling and Parts

0358Ridgid No. 450 Tristand0359Steel Welding Table with Pipe Clamp and Contents

0360(4) Steel Units0361Ridgid No. 450 Tristand

0361ARidgid No. 450 Tristand0362Barrel Dolly

0362AMaterial Cart 6x3'0363Knaack Watchman III Job Box

0364Shop Lights0365Hydrotest Hydrotastic Tester

0366Promax Amprobe RG5000 Refrigerant Recovery Unit0367Rex Hydro-Static Test Pump

0368Emglo AirMate Electric Portable Air Compressor0369Knaack Watchman IV Portable Job Box

0370Pheonix International DryRod II DryRod Oven0371Combo Lot; Rack Full of Welding Wire, Rods and Tools

0372Louisville 12' Fiberglass Folding Ladder03738' Wood Organizer Filled with Pipe Fittings

0374Allied Heavy Duty Ball Bearing 6" Bench Grinder on Pestle0374A2' Shop Stairs

0375Rotating Parts Bin filled with Hardware0376Steel Material Cart

0377Steel Material Cart 0378Pallet of Sheet Metal Risers

03798' Welding Curtain03808' Welding Curtain

0381Sumner Pipe Stand0382Ridgid VJ-99 Pipe Stand

03838' Welding Curtain0384Portable Light Duty Material Rack

03858' Welding Curtain0386Radnor Harper Bottle Cart

0387Rubbermaid Cart with Contents0388Ridgid Stand

0389Sumner Pipe Stand0390Sumner Screw Stand

0391Sumner Stand0392Sumner Stand

0393Ridgid VJ-99 Pipe Stand0394Pro Jack Roller Stand

0395Sumner Pipe Stand0396Pipe Stand

0397Pipe Stand0398Pipe Stand

03998' Welding Curtain04008' Welding Curtain

0401Sumner Ultra C Clamp0402Sumner Ultra C Clamp

0404Steel Welding Table with Contents0405Sony TV with Table

0406Emerson Industrial Pump040710' x 10' Steel Rack with Metal Stock

0410Louisville 8' Fiberglass Step Ladder0411Louisville 10' Fiberglass Step Ladder

0412(3) 8' Welding Curtains04166" Material Stand

0417Ridgid No. 450 Tri Stand0418Ridgid VJ-99 Pipe Stand

0419Ridgid VJ-99 Pipe Stand0420Ridgid VJ-99 Pipe Stand

0421Ridgid VJ-99 Pipe Stand0422Ridgid VJ-99 Pipe Stand

0423Ridgid VJ-99 Pipe Stand0424(3) Wood Bin Organizers with Pipe Nipples, Couplings and Fittings

0425Jet 6,000 lb. Capacity Pallet Jack0426Furniture Dolly

0427Custom Built Bander with Tooling0428Wall of Pipe Fittings and Clamps

0432Skil Saw 7 3/4" Worm Drive Saw0433Werner Fiberglass Ladder

0434Werner 6' Fiberglass Ladder043510' Pipe Rack with Copper Pipe Stock

0436Toledo-Beaver Co Speed Cut 100 Cold Cut Saw0437Material Cart with Copper Pipe Stock

0438Steel Material Cart0439Material Dolly

0440Steel Trim and Thread Stock0441Jet 1.6 Ton Lever Hoist

0442Pallet of O-Ring Thread Kits0444Crate Full of 10' Steel Storm Grates and Parts

0445Pallet of Steel Pipe Fittings0446(30 ) Sheet Metal Plates

04476' Industrial Pipe Fittings0448(5) Industrial 4" Pipe Fittings

0449(13) 4" Industrial Pipe Fittings0450(2) 6" and 2" Industrial Pipe Fittings

0451Crate of Dupont Refrigerant and (4) Pressure Units0452Crate of Sheet Metal Risers

0453Enamel Corner Sink and 2" Flex Hose0454(2) Baldor / Gundfos Pumps

0455(8) Boxes of Vinyl Coated 774 / Sink Rim Guards0456Siemens HVAC and Industrial Pipe Units

0457Pallet of Industrial Ball and Check Valves0458Pallet of Industrial Pipe Fittings

0459Crate of 6" Industrial Pipe Fittings0460Crate of (30) Pneumatic and Mechanical Pipe Testers

0461Steel Material Cart0462Crate Full of Nibco Butterfly Valves

0464(3) Sections of 12' Pallet Racking0465Copper Pipe Fitting Stock in 8' Wood Organizer

0466(4) Sections of 12' Pallet Racking0467Pallet of Transverse Braces

0468Pallet of Industrial Pipe Fittings0469Crate Full of Industrial Pipe Fittings

0470Crate Full of Industrial Pipe Fittings0471Pallet of Telephone Cord and Telephone Circuit Units and Pallet Full of Electronic Valves, Circuits, and Flow Switches

0472Crate of Sheet Metal Risers0473(40 ) Traffic Poles

0474Zoeller Pump Co. Control Box with Hoses0475Pipe Testers, Natural Gas Fittings, Misc. Parts

0476Pallet of Assortment of Plumbing Parts0477Crate of Industrial 4" Pipe Elbows

0478Pallet of Industrial 8" Pipe Fittings0479(7) 12" Mason Safeflex Extension Joints, and Various Other Related Parts

0480(4) Belimo Electronic 8" Butterfly Valves0481(4) Industrial 2 1/2" Pipe Fittings

0482Copper Pipe Fitting Stock0483Pallet of Pipe Insulation, Kits, Etc.

0484Pallet of Industrial 4" Butterfly Valves and Expansion Joints0485Pallet of Industrial Pipe Clamp Units

0486Pallet of Flow Regulators, and Related Products0487Pallet of Industrial Pipe Fittings and Lavatory Carrier Arms

0488Pallet of Industrial Pipe Fittings, Drain Grates, and (4) 12' Sinks0489Pallet of Hilti Fastening Products

0490(4) Boxes of 1 1/2" Water Hose0491Pallet of Industrial Pipe Couplings

0492Full Crate of Acetylene Hoses, Gauges, Torches, and Valves0493(10) Pallets of Industrial Plate Risers, Fasteners, and Beam Clamps

0494Pallet of Gas Line Hoses0495Crate Full of Pneumatic and Mechanical Pipe Testers

0496Pallet of Industrial Butterfly Valves0497(3) Industrial 6" Gate Valves

0498Pallet of Copper and Soft Copper Tubing0499Pallet of Mepco Drain Coolers and Lead Free Circuit Setters

0500(2) Industrial 2' Pipe Extenders0501Pallet of Victaulic Industrial Valve Units

0502(2) Pallets of Industrial Pipe Fittings and (1) Electronic 13" Butterfly Valve0503(8) 6" Pipe Expansion Units, Flex Tube, and (2) Buckets of Cleanlab 600SB

0503A(3) Sections of 12' Pallet Racking0504Nibco Ball Valve Stock in 8' Organizer

0505(2) Saw Horses0505A(3) Sections of 12' Pallet Racking

0506(2) Radnor Refrigerant Tank Holders0507Pallet of Siemens SKD6L Electronic Flow Valves

0508Allegro 9537 Air Delivery Unit0509(3) Weatherguard Truck Boxes

0510Industrial Pipe Line Coolers and Fittings0511Pallet of Industrial Butterfly Valves and Fittings

0512Assortment of Light Bulbs, Filters, and Folder Organizers0513Combo Lot of Furniture

0514(7) Pallets of Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Riser Plates, Pipe Stickers, Etc.0515Lumber Cart

0517Trash Can with Mops and Conduit Benders0518Table with Extension Cords

0519QEP Tile Saw 10"05204' Plastic Cart with Solid Wheels

0522Mizerak Pool Table0522AMaterials Cart

0523Shelf with Contents0525Dewalt DW705 12" Compound Mitersaw

0526(2) Miller CST280 Welders - Not Working0527Assortment of Fittings and Hardware

05284' Steel Cart with Solid Wheels05295' Steel Cart with Solid Wheels

0530Hangers0531Assortment of Makita Cordless Tools

05323 Chain Hoist 1/2 Ton05332 Chain Hoist 1/2 Ton

05342 Chain Hoist 1/2 Ton0535Assortment of Tools and Welding Rod

0536Open End Box Wrenches - 1 5/16" to 2"05373 Step Step Stool

0538Louisville 4' Fiberglass Folding Ladder0539Assortment of Tools

05403' Levels Wood and Aluminun0541Pipe Reamers and Greenline 710 Stud Punch

0542Assortment of Tools0543Knaack Job Box

0544Knaack Job Box 0545Knaack Job Box

0546Knaack Job Box0547Knaack Job Box

0548Vent Hoods0549Knaack Job Box

0550Lincoln Power Mig 180 c0551Miller Thunderbolt XL Broken

0552Makita Cordless Lights and Batteries0553Greenheck 10" Fan Blower

0554Dayton Wheel Blower 15 5/8"0555Lincoln Arc Welder Ideal Arc SP-150

0556Knaack Job Box0557Knaack Job Box

0558Twin City Fan and Blower0559Greenheck Vent Hood

0560Greenheck Blower Fan0561Knaack Job Box

0562Ridgid Stand0563Ridgid Stand

0564Pipe Roller Stand0565Knaack Job Box

0566Knaack Job Box0567Bucket of Dewalt Grinders Not Working

0568Bucket of Misc. Tools0569H & M Pipe Beveling Machine Broken

0570Band Saws Broken0571Small Air Compressor Broken

0572100mm Flanged to Suit Class 150 Drain 1" NP0573Bucket with Chain Hoist

0574Misc. Broken Power Tools0575Sawzall Broken

0576Table of Industrial Pipe Fittings0577Imperial Manifold Gauges and Pipe Chain Clamps

0578Pallet of Broken Power Tools0579Bucket of Makita Cordless Drills

0580Pallet of Hardware and Separators Model 6000581Barrel of Drills

0582Box of Makita Battery Chargers0583Rack and Pipe

0584Rack and Pipe0586Fire Extinguishers

058723' Sea Container with Contents0588Steel Pipe and Angle and I Beam Steel

0589Pallet of Rope0590Pallet of Cable

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