Top Search Terms of 2008

As we begin 2009 we at the Global Auction Guide are looking forward to the biggest growth our company has ever seen. With so many new features, new business models and completely new ventures to be rolled out in the first quarter of 2009 we are expecting big things to happen.

But as we look back on 2008, I want to zero in on one particular segment that has been integral to our success.

We all know Google is the big hitter on the Internet, and every website has to make sure they are compliant, credible and visible to their search bots so that your auction sales get as much attention as possible.

That is what the auctioneers pay us for, so we need to attract as many eyeballs as possible that can be turned into bidders.

There are two schools of thought on how to attract traffic, and with auction sales we are lucky enough to be able to attract traffic both ways.

Generic terms or phrases will attract the most traffic, but it is extremely competitive and everyone else is tweaking their websites to try to rank well for the same terms. As an example, here are the top keywords that attracted Search engine traffic to the Global servers in 2008 according to Google Analytics

  • farm auctions  
  • local auctions  
  • real estate auctions  
  • ohio auctions  
  • farm auction guide  
  • nebraska auctions  
  • iowa auctions  
  • michigan auctions  
  • wisconsin auctions  
  • farm auction  
  • minnesota auctions  
  • real estate auction  
  • illinois auctions  
  • indiana auctions  
  • global auction guide  
  • florida auctions  
  • missouri auctions  
  • colorado auctions  
  • manitoba auctions

Who wouldn’t want to rank well for “real estate auctions” or if you were an auctioneer in Florida you would do anything to be on the first page of Google for “Florida Auctions” This is what aggregate websites like Global Auction Guide strive for, to get to the top of the first page on Google and have interested bidders come to our site to see your sales. If you can’t get to the top on your own, you need to be placing your sales on sites that are at the top.

Now let’s look at the other end of the scale known as the Long Tail of Search. These are keywords that may get as few as 1 search per day, week or maybe even month. These are impossible to target because there is an almost infinite amount of terms and combinations of terms. But if you rank #1 for that obscure term your site will likely get a potential new bidder to check you out.

Because auction sale bills are extremely rich in keywords, it allows the search engines to match up so many different search terms and allow your sales to rank  very well for these phrases.

Using our Google Analytics as an example again,  we received search engine referrals for 587,013 different keywords and phrases. It is impossible to optimise your site for 99.99% of those terms, but it shows you why you should be as descriptive as possible in your sale bill listings, as you never know what tiny piece of information will attract that bidder, or maybe that new seller who needs an auctioneer to liquidate their collection.

Have a great 2009 !

Dwayne Leslie

Founder and President – Global Auction Guide Media Group